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It is clear that Tokyo 2020 cannot be held fairly according to the safe and secure sportsmanship as planned.
This is based on the following:
  - Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus is widespread worldwide, including in countries with athletes and coaches.
  - The number of affected people is increasing in Japan, the host country and the main country where the staff of the Games stay.
  - It is less than six months before the scheduled opening date.

Nevertheless, the IOC, the Chief Responsible Body of the decision, has not yet announced that it is conducting full-scale consultations on suspension or postponement.

This is a very irresponsible and obviously selfish act that the IOC has abandoned the decision to be made responsibly and thrown it to the host country, Japan.

In this state, the responsibilities and significance of the organization will be questioned by people all over the world, and IOC will lose trust from sports enthusiasts around the world and serious athletes who have trained daily for competitions That is clear.

We strongly hope that the IOC, the supreme decision-maker for historic sporting events, will ensure the health and safety of all athletes in Tokyo 2020 and make responsible decisions in light of this unprecedented accident. Specifically, we strongly urge the IOC leaders to make a voluntary decision to suspend or postpone Tokyo 2020.