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Aug 30, 2013 — Hi all

So, we've been in touch with the fine people over at Microsoft in relation to this subject. The gist of it is that MS controls the leaderboards and are the ones that can reset them, if needed.

We've discussed the situation with them and I'm happy to inform you all that we've agreed on a wide reset for PC and Xbox360 to take place on October 1st at 9 AM Central European Time (that's 1AM PDT for those of you in the North American continent).

Sadly, we cannot create a recurring set of resets as this requires a title update of the game, which is something we've been unable to push through internally (it's costly and on a game as old as this, it's not an easy task to just run in and update stuff).

So, we're rolling out this one reset on October 1st. Get ready :)


The IOI Community Guy