I Will Not Perform at iO until Until the Following Demands Are Met

I’m signing because the lack of diversity during my time at iO was glaring. I taught improv through After School Matter to CPS High schoolers and the work that they did in class became far more moving and interesting to me than that of a bunch of cis, white males who brought a similar POV to the audience every single night. I apologize to the comedians of color for not doing more to encourage those in power to diversify the theatre. I apologize for any time I may have said or did something on stage or in rehearsal that was racially insensitive. I never would have intended to hurt anyone, and it would have come from a place of unconscious bias and deeply ingrained racist views that I didn’t know I perpetuated. I am digging deep and facing a lot of hard truths right now, as I know many people are. iO, please follow suit.

Kathryn Thomas, Los Angeles, CA, United States
1 year ago
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