Allow $CCIV To Trade At Its True And Rightful Price Of $100

Allow $CCIV To Trade At Its True And Rightful Price Of $100

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Alex Cutler started this petition to Investment Community

Next to the day my child was born, February 22nd 2021 is the most important of my life.  Because it was on that day CCIV finally announced their merger with Lucid Motors.

It had arrived. 

All the hard work, all those endless nights of connecting the dots, at last had paid off.  Like Leonardo DiCaprio, it was a time to raise a flute of champagne to my followers -- and celebrate.

But then something strange happened. 

The stock didn't skyrocket.


It plummeted.

But how could this be?  After all, this should have been CCIV's triumphant moment in the sun.  Made no sense.  Idiotic!  Literally made no sense!

For a long while, I just sat there, smh.

I texted Chris Randone.  And even he was baffled! 

I knew right then I had to roll up my sleeves and do some investigating. (BTW, those familiar with me know I'm widely acclaimed for my famous investigations.  And truthfully, I do take great pride in the way I investigate).

Theories on CCIV's crashing price were being floated about.  I don't know, some random stuff about CCIV having a "highly dilutive PIPE offering" and an "over-stretched valuation."

These turned out to be dead ends.

In my gut, I knew it was something else.  Something far more colorful than a stale heap of dry numbers.

Did you ever experience a shock wave of inspiration so arresting, so electrifying, it seemed to spring up from somewhere completely outside of your own consciousness?  Maybe these are messages from other dimensions, or even God?  Who can say for sure.  But I had never felt anything this powerful before.  The answer for why CCIV's price collapsed just suddenly came to me.  In complete certainty and brilliance.

It was so obvious now.  CCIV's drop was due to...


Then instantly my joy was consumed by the screeching flames of blind rage.

Nothing makes my blood boil wilder than market manipulators.

Nothing sickens me more than scumbags who influence a stock's price for their own personal gain.

Especially when the stock in question is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like CCIV.  Which is destined to be the next Tesla.

But how to get an upper hand on the crooks?

For that I had to swap my Sherlock Holmes investigating cap, for my research lab coat. 

In other words, it was time for my world-famous deep-dive DD.

I examined every inch of the data.

Then late one night, I uncovered something.  Huge.

I cracked the code.

In layman's terms, I will explain.  What I found is, the market manipulators are utilizing a sophisticated technique.  One which I call a "Price Attack Screen Distortion".

Through lightning-fast algorithmic transactions, quicker than the eye can see, manipulators are creating the ILLUSION that CCIV is trading LOWER than where it ACTUALLY IS trading.

But through mathematics, we can strip out the illusion of the manipulators.  Remove the veil to see CCIV's ACTUAL PRICE.

Which is exactly what I did.

And guess what?


Yes, the mathematically-based correct share price of CCIV is--


That's where CCIV ACTUALLY trades at TODAY!!!!!



If you don't believe me I will block you.  I have blocked countless naysayers on Twitter, and will block you in this petition if you don't show me the respect I deserve.

THIS DOCUMENT'S OBJECTIVE: To let justice prevail.  And allow CCIV to rightfully claim its factually-correct price of $100 a share (or more!)

HOW: Publicly exposing manipulators who fraudulently depress the share price.

WHO: David Faber.

Faber.  Basically I hate this guy.  A CNBC commentator who continues to show absolutely no education on this situation.  And has no clue what he's talking about.

On "Squawk on the Street" Faber "squawked off" about CCIV with countless misleading remarks.  And if you paid attention to his body language, he obviously has, some planted, some malcontent, ill-will for the company.

Personally I believe Faber is jealous of the success of CCIV.  And clearly he has done no research.

Importantly, be wary of his propaganda.  Faber likes to toss out snooty words which he thinks makes himself look smart.  Wall Street lingo like "profitability" and "market cap".  Pay no attention, it's designed to trick you into selling CCIV for no reason whatsoever.

Be vigilant.

He's a joke.  He's a small fry. 



When CCIV announced their merger with Lucid, certain traders on Discord figured it would be a good idea to "sell on the news". 

Which is 100% irresponsible. 

Um, you do realize Lucid has the most efficient battery pack system on the market?  This isn't some cheap penny stock to flip.

My honest opinion: It’s getting frustrating dealing with so many emotional and juvenile traders.  Almost every company can’t sustain healthy growth because of this -- Now a quick check of the weather.  Forecast calling for mostly sunny skies, highs in the upper-60s, with light southwest breezes.  Should be a dandy one, folks.  So slap a burger on the ol' charcoal grill for me, and enjoy -- Brainless traders who immaturely sell due to their emotions are the first ones to suffer.  Know what you have.

Trust the process.


I'm a proud, long-time CCIV owner. (And yes, I have a secret Source at Lucid Motors who informed me early about the merger).

((And yes, it's the same Source who brought me exclusive inside info on the Capitol shooting)).

(((And please keep in mind, I tweeted about the Capitol shooting a full 30 minutes before the News reported it.  Not a brag, but a fact))).

And through all the ups-and-downs, I never once lost faith.

I'm a BELIEVER in the company**

(**do not call me a pumper)

But what about you?  Can you say the same?

Answer the question.  What kind of shareholder are you?

Are you a believer in CCIV?  Or a wacko who's just in it for a quick buck?

Do you enjoy the fine art of forever holding?  Or are you a weak, immature trader?

Are you a person with thousands of followers?  Or a peasant who doesn't know his place and needs to stay in his lane?

The choice... is yours.



It’s the way of the game. 

People will call me an idiot now.

And then a Genius later.

Don’t worry.

I’ll wait for you to come crawling back.

Like a coward.

Quick reminder -- if you haven't yet signed the petition, please do.  And thanks for reading.

--Alex Cutler

*The accuracy of all facts contained herein has been verified by Chris Randone.

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