Investigation on Charles Manson's Passing

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Charles Milles Manson was born into this physical existence on November 11th 1934. Charlie left this realm on November 19th 2017. Charlie made and continues to make a positive impact on many people's lives. I refuse to even discuss the negativity some feel about Charlie. I want to focus on the positive at this point.

Those individuals that possessed the intelligence and the awesome uniqueness that it took to be able to see the truth, and through the media's lies were truly impacted in the most amazing ways. We are truly blessed. We lived and continue to live rich fulfilling lives. It has nothing to do with material gains or anything of the sort. It has everything to do with being rich and fulfilled in the mind and in the spirit, and that is more than anyone can ever ask for. 

 The question that we are now raising is did Charlie leave this realm, or was he forced out of this realm? Yes we are suspecting foul play in Charlie’s death. What raised the suspicions you may ask? Well about 11 months ago before Charlie’s passing he was recorded during a phone call with a friend. Charlie stated how “People were trying to kill him in many different ways” How he was going to “Hang around as long as he could” He then spoke with another associate a few days prior to his passing. Charlie stated that the media was exaggerating his deathbed stories, and that he was “a solid as a rock”

A few days later Charlie passed away. Not only this but when Charlie was residing in the Corcoran State prison of California, he was assaulted and starved by staff officials. They proceeded to tamper with his food, which they knew were his because Charlie ordered vegetarian dishes. So he went hungry at times. Charlie has had his cell destroyed while he had a stay in the hospital, and his vitamins were taken away from him by staff officials. Charlie has been thrown into solitary confinement for simple every day things that do not require being thrown into solitary confinement especially at the age he was. 

Charlie has had his mail tampered with and withheld from him by staff officials, and countless other incidences have occurred. Charlie was undergoing elderly abuse. Whether you think that Charlie was guilty or not no one should be undergoing this type of abuse inside or outside a prison. Especially an elderly person. Yet Charlie remained positive throughout all of this. I have personally spoken to Charlie once myself. He is a sweet man with a positive outlook and a truly beautiful soul. He cares about the environment and has pure love in his heart. 

However, there are others who have had many more conversations with Charlie. Knowing certain individuals with in the Manson circles, I am made aware of things that the media will not reveal to the public. They only reveal what they want you to know. My husband and I are going to get to the bottom of this. No matter what happens even if we die in Charlie’s name, We will go with dignity. Knowing we did everything we could to make things right.

We know that there is something very wrong about this entire situation. Charlie was fine before he passed and he let it be known he was fine. Charlie also stated months prior to his death that people were trying to kill him in many different ways and he talked about how someone was poisoning his food. Which would explain the Intestinal issues he was experiencing. We love Charlie in the way most cannot fathom. It’s not about obsession or mind control. It’s pure, authentic, true love. 

 This petition needs to be sent directly to Governor Jerry Brown of California state and the Corcoran California State prison staff officials. We demand an investigation on Charles Manson‘s passing. We demand an investigation to find out if there was any foul play involved in Charles Manson’s passing. We suspect that Charlie had enough hateful people around him that could be responsible for his death. We also demand to know exactly what happened In that hospital on November 19th 2017. If we do not get enough signatures we will not be able to complete this investigation, and therefore we will never know what really happened. There will be those who try to stand in our way, but we must fight and we must fight together. As much as Charlie does for us let’s do something for him. 

When you truly love someone there are no limits. There’s nothing anyone or anything can do to limit that love. That love is endless and indestructible, it is eternal. We ask all those who place their love for Charlie under this definition we have just given. Those who truly love Charlie. Please be a part of our investigation. Please sign the petition. Charlie has given you life please honor his.

Love Eternally,

 Flame & Lone-Wolf Atwa.