Investigation & review of Corporate racketeering government taxpayer funded entitlements.

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Investigation & review of Corporate racketeering government taxpayer funded entitlements.

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A Hanson started this petition to Australian Government (Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull)

We have all witnessed the ever increasing and ongoing media reports and releases pertaining to the inappropriate abuse and misuse of taxpayer funds.

This petition is in reference to a request by the Australian public into a complete Investigation and Review of those Politicians who have breached their Elected positions plus the great faith and trust put in them by the Australian Voters and General Public as a whole.

Regrettably many within the political arena have taken it upon themselves to betray that very same faith and trust of the Australian public by hiding behind the public statement their actions are "excused or justified as it falls within entitlement guidelines"

"Betrayal of such magnitude is inappropriate and shall not be tolerated or acceptable to the Australian public and such behaviour is considered extremely offensive and insulting to the Australian public.

"Given the current global fiscal situation and Australia’s fiscal situation and budgetary limitations and constraints. It is no longer viewed by many Australians that such misuse be appropriate or applicable or even reasonable.

Australian taxpayers should not be expected to continue to pick up the tab for elected representatives as has been the case for generations.

Why we're right to maintain the entitlements rage?

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"Therefore, the following is proposed"


This public petition is now calling for the following action in response.

a)     The call for a thorough and complete non-government independent investigation into all government employees’ use of taxpayer-funded entitlements with the goal to achieve the following outcomes.

1.     Complete public transparency and accountability.

2.     Restoration of public faith and trust.

3.     Revision of entitlements.

4.     Removal or reduction of taxpayer funded entitlements

5.     Monthly public financial disclosure of politicians use of taxpayer funds.

6.     Any other recommendations made by investigation body.

b)    Where a case exists of inappropriate abuse or misuse of taxpayer funds that case is passed onto the relevant legal authorities for prosecution.

c)     That all free flight privileges on termination of employment be removed and abolished.

d) That politicians like any Australian meet the cost of flights for their families personally themselves and not at taxpayers expense.


I take this opportunity to thank you in advance for reading this petition which I feel personally is relevant and applicable to the future of our great country and to all Australian taxpayers and seek your signatures to clearly express and indicate to relevant government officials our honest and genuine displeasure and disapproval of their actions and lack of accountability.

I encourage you to print a copy of this petition, share and pass it around your local areas or even set up a small table at your local shopping centre. for signatures. The more you are willing to do the stronger our combined position to bring about changes.

 A Hanson

United Citizens Australia.

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This petition had 310 supporters