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The Yes And Now Group started this petition to William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission (Charity Commission) and

We the undersigned have grave concerns regarding the behaviour and actions of the UK registered charity ‘World Protection of Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade’ (WPDCMT) otherwise known as ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM), specifically relating to the actions of its CEO Julia de Cadenet and fellow trustees Robert Donkers and David Merrill. 

The charity is currently withholding the bulk of the now £100,000+GBP proceeds of a restricted income fund. The charity trustees have recently stated, “that the original purpose set forth for the funds is not possible.” Alarmingly, the trustees are maintaining that they will retain the restricted fund for ‘other purposes’ in the years ahead.

According to UK law on restricted income funds:

Restricted income funds are funds which are often created by charitable trusts whereby the purposes are specified by that trust. The purpose will either be specified by the donor in a specific letter or the terms of a public appeal which may have been running at the time of the donation.

Do they have to be used for the specified purposes?

  • Restricted income funds can only be used for the specific purposes for which they are given.

What happens if they are used for any other purposes?

  • If restricted income funds are used by a charity for any other purposes than those which were originally specified then this could amount to fraud or deception.


Furthermore, having witnessed the charity and its officers and agents launch and maintain an aggressive campaign against the vulnerable beneficiary of the 'restricted fund' (see footnote 1), we feel socially obligated to bring certain aspects of this matter to the attention of the public at large and to the relevant authorities in particular.

Due to the information we now have in our possession regarding the past and present actions of the charity officers and agents, our petition is 3-fold:

  1. We request the designated recipients of this petition launch independent investigations into the behaviour, actions, and financial accounts of the charity, in particular but not exclusive to the donations it has received via various means from the public for Mrs Xiaoyun Yang of the ‘Common Home’ dog and cat rescue in Tianjin, China. We petition for full transparency and that all donations are tallied and passed on to Mrs Yang without further delay, let, or hindrance by the charity or that the charity be instructed to refund in full those monies gifted by donors for Mrs Yang.

  2. In view of the attempts to manipulate the restricted income fund for Mrs Yang, and the aggressive campaign launched and maintained by the charity officers and its agents to discredit and defame her, as illustrated in various material detailed below, we request the designated recipients of this petition to investigate the charity to determine that all past donations gifted by donors for specific causes and beneficiaries were lawfully processed and passed onward to the intended beneficiaries and/or animal welfare cause, and to examine the integrity of any reason given by the charity to have not done so.

  3. We request that the designated recipients of this petition liaise with the petition creators to accept a dossier of information and intelligence regarding the history of the charity, since its inception in May 2013 as a Limited Company through registration as a UK charity in November 2013 until present day, and that the gathered data be taken into account during any investigation by the governing bodies and authorities detailed below. Furthermore we request that in the case that the charity be found negligent or not robust in its management of restricted funds, that the Charity Commission act within its statutory powers to protect donors, beneficiaries, and the institute of charity, and if necessary inform the relevant law enforcement agencies of any action by the charity officers that could amount to fraud or deception.

IMPORTANT We had a petition on Care2 that was arbitrarily closed by Care2 after sabotage by the charity. Our petition had reached 8263 signatures by 05 November 2015 and was climbing steadily when all our worldwide voices were undemocratically silenced. Please help us to continue to prevent animals, beneficiaries, and donors from being exploited. Thank you!


On 13 June 2015, a private UK resident named Sophie Ling initiated a ‘fundraiser’ on the Total Giving crowdfunding platform that is hosted by the company ‘Raise Your Profile Ltd’.

Miss Ling had previously identified herself as a volunteer supporter for the charity ‘World Protection of Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade’ (WPDCMT) otherwise known as ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) and created this fundraiser as an agent of the charity.

The fundraiser is located at and was still accepting new* donations up to 01 September 2015.

*It is important to note that some donors set up monthly amounts to be sent to the charity for this cause and these monthly amounts are continuing to add to this restricted fund.

All monies are directed straight to the charity. The Total Giving company Raise Your Profile Ltd do not hold any monies for any period of time for any fundraiser.

The text of the fundraiser specified the beneficiary of the fundraiser to be Mrs Yang, and the mission was to help her save dogs and ensure a long-term plan was put in place to care for her dogs. The target was £5000GBP and the text stated:

“Ideal donation $50 (price of 1 dog), but any donation helps […] Back at her shelter, the situation is dire. Mrs Yang is overwhelmed and exhausted. The animals live on basic corn meal food she makes daily. Both Mrs Yang and the animals face dreadful hardship; they only survive because of her care and compassion. Mrs Yang's dream is for each animal to be adopted " kind countries where the dogs are members of the family". We will build her a longer term plan after the Yulin crisis.” [sic]

Since the summer of Yulin 2014, Mrs Yang had become recognisable within the mainstream, following a particularly poignant and now iconic photo of Mrs Yang on her knees pleading with Dog Meat Traders for the life of one dog, who came to be known as 'Goldie'.

The charity utilised Mrs Yang’s identity, images, persona and international reputation as a rescuer of dogs from the Yulin dog meat festival (held in China on the summer solstice), to call specifically for donations for her and her shelter.

Due to Mrs Yang's now much-loved identity, the fundraiser received a lot of attention in the online animal welfare community via social media and thousands of people donated specifically for Mrs Yang, her dogs, and shelter facilities.

After the original target amount of £5000GBP was achieved, the wording on the fundraiser was updated to say that the charity would keep the fundraiser open to get more money for Mrs Yang and her shelter. People carried on donating and the total started climbing higher and higher.

It was quite alarming then, that on or about the 21st June 2015 the update was deleted and the wording of the fundraiser title and mission was changed! Now it said that the charity was going to divert some of the donations to ‘other projects’.

“It is our plan as a charity to ensure a long term plan is now put into place a long term plan to help Mrs Yang and other similar shelters (who work silently in the background) who have pups to feed and need medical supplies. We are also committed to running education and welfare programmes working closely with activists. All donors will be given regular updates on how your kind gift has been spent and we will be adding photos of the lives Mrs Yang have saved as well as our follow up with her and her shelter and our on-going outreach work. Your donation will have tangibly saved lives and build a better future for those saved.” [sic]

However, the public continued to donate thinking it was still all going to Mrs Yang. This is observed in the numerous comments made by donors, e.g.:

"Thank you Mrs. Yang!"
CR [redacted] donated $30.00 on 23/07/2015 at 02:40.

"Love to you Yang and to the precious animals that you are saving"
CW [redacted] donated $100.00 on 30/07/2015 at 13:25.

"THANK-YOU VERY MUCH Ms Yang- please go on helping the dogs in Yulin- the majority of people would fight against cruelty to dogs in China the way you do- the cruelty to dogs is unacceptable and must end."
MR [redacted] donated £35.00 on 12/08/2015 at 12:10.

Some donors set up monthly donations for Mrs Yang's fund, unaware that the charity is not sending the monies to Mrs Yang, and the charity is still accepting these monthly amounts, e.g.:

"An amazing woman, I have so much respect for you and your helpers! I wish I could help over there with you but will do all I can from here to spread the word and demonstrate to highlight these vile and wicked people/culture. Xx"
KSL [redacted] is donating £10.00 per month with £2.50 gift aid starting 05/07/2015 at 21:17. Total so far £50.00

Some more observant donors spotted the change of text and voiced their objections via the charity's main social media page on Facebook They were unhappy that their donations were being diverted elsewhere to unknown, unnamed, and previously undeclared beneficiaries; they maintained they donated to Mrs Yang, no other. No information was supplied for any concerned person to know how much of Mrs Yang's fund was to be diverted, or who to.  

Alarm bells rang even louder when charity representatives replied to donors with contempt and derision. Donors and concerned individuals were called ‘trolls’ and ‘hate campaigners’, their anxious commentary deleted, and then they were banned from further commenting. Some have since complained that they have suffered continuing abuse from the charity.

As more people complained on the charity Facebook page, the more the charity administrator(s) insulted them. Entire posts full of comments from disgruntled donors were deleted.

Conversations between the charity CEO and her core administrators and agents (held in a secret facebook group), in which the CEO details her intention to divert some of the restricted fund to the charity’s outstanding/upcoming bills and paraphernalia, were later exposed to show that by as early as 25th June 2015, Mrs Yang’s fund was already vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Ms Ling went on public record, via the charity Facebook page, to say that she did not support the changing of beneficiary; that the absolute intent of the fundraiser was to give all proceeds to Mrs Yang. Her comment was deleted. Ms Ling then withdrew from supporting the charity and posted a screenshot copy of her statement with an added commentary via her personal social media accounts.

Subsequently, the charity CEO/Trustee made a statement on the charity Facebook page on July 14, 2015

"No To Dog Meat

July 14  

No To Dog Meat Is the global campaign of the UK registered charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade. The office is in London Uk Tel: 0207 873 2250. We also have an official USA Chapter. If anyone has a question on any aspect of the charity they must make direct contact with the charity by telephone or by letter or by email. Neither myself nor the trustees are placed to use FACEBOOK or social media as a medium to communicate on issues regarding the management or operation of the charity. We do not post our opinions or comments on social media and this page is purely for awareness and positive actions you can take part in. We remain at all times compliant to charity law and mindful of our fiduciary duties. Supporters and campaigners are free to express their viewpoint on a plethora of issues though we do advise moderation on language. Whilst we find it deeply distressing to see hate campaigners attack supporters we are unable to respond in this forum. We can confirm we do gather all evidence for the police and examine derogatory comments for libel and in due course, where appropriate will take legal action against everyone who has defamed us and sought to bring our charity into disrepute. We are currently in the middle of our summer Korea and Indonesian campaigns and this is a full time job. We would like to reassure donors to the Mrs Yang Project plans are underway to ensure the condition of the animals rescued and under her care will improve. This is a long term project and time will produce wonderful results. We are glad she came to us for help and we appreciate your generosity on this project, which is one of many our small charity has agreed to undertake. The dogs and cats begging for their lives can not thank you, but we can. Keeping the Faith ! Julia de Cadenet for and on behalf of the Trustees." [sic]

Donors continued to comment that they had not received any email updates about how their donations were being spent 2 months on, even though the charity stated that it was emailing all donors with updates. People emailed and telephoned the charity, asking for details and assurance that Mrs Yang would receive all donations. Some, still unsatisfied, asked for their donations back and were unsuccessful.

“Teky Cheng
Director of Corporate Development

NTDM, could you please answer the email that I sent you on Jul 31? I got a simple reply from you that only said you had received my email & would soon provide me with a full response. Now it is Aug 15, and I'm still not getting any full response from you. My questions raised earlier on your fb timeline were quickly deleted followed by me being blocked from your timeline. Although I discovered that I could still comment on your fb review colume & so I did, you then replied on the thread & told me to email your office directly instead. Yet two entire weeks gone & no full response is given to me. While you can respond to Dr. Allen so quickly, why can't you respond to donors like me in the same manner. I have provided you with my paypal reference number & now seeking answers to my questions OR an immediate refund. Thank you!”

(Reproduced with permission of author: source now inactive due to 'trolling' attacks)

In a shocking twist, come October, the CEO Ms Julia de Cadenet advised complaining donors to contact Mrs Yang direct to reclaim their donations.

Alarmingly, one of the charity’s official bloggers stated in a public Facebook post that she had in her possession communications sent from private individuals to the charity, and that she was prepared to publish them, posturing that the senders of the emails wouldn’t like that very much.

"Remember this - As I stated previously. I do have the email conversations between you and notodogmeat. I don't think you'd want that in public view." Mary R

In 2014, this same blogger had obtained (from the charity CEO Julia de Cadenet) and published privileged charity emails from a private individual, so her threat to do the same to others was taken seriously. Members of the public now became reluctant to contact the charity direct for fear of receiving the same treatment. Importantly, this same charity blogger obtained (again from the charity CEO Julia de Cadenet) and published a private email from Mrs Yang’s representative to the charity in another of her blogs* on 15 July 2015.

*The blog was later edited to remove the private correspondence but the source material is downloaded for evidential proof that the charity CEO was indeed disseminating private charity communications via agents to abuse the trust placed in the charity.

The more persistent critics who voice their concerns elsewhere are targeted by various charity agents, including the charity blogger and personal friends of the charity CEO, who are also notably members of the secret Facebook group administered by the charity’s CEO. The charity’s Facebook administrator (in the guise of the charity), made a comment on one charity agent’s personal Facebook page endorsing her nefarious activities towards donors and critics.

One donor was personally named in a targeted offensive and intrusive post on the charity’s lesser known Facebook page Her location was also identified publicly by the charity.

Note: this petition has removed the sensitive personal information that the charity published, and instead has inserted - [redacted] - to protect the donor’s identity.

World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade
August 12 at 2:37pm ·

Formal Notification:
This is to formally confirm a refund of $20 Canadian Dollars was made to a Ms [redacted] on 12 August 2015.

Ms [redacted] from [redacted] [redacted] donated $20 on 25 June to the Mrs Yang Yulin Crisis Fund via the Total Giving Platform. Her donation was made after emergency funds had been released to buy dogs from the festival and transport them back to Mrs Yang's shelter. We can confirm a bank transfer of £5050 was made from our charity to Mrs Yang's private bank account on 5 July 2015. Since this sum exceeds $10,500 Canadian Dollars - it would have included Ms [redacted]'s kind donation.

Despite this confirmation on more than one occasion Ms [redacted] remains unhappy and has become verbally abusive to volunteers.

As such we have taken the decision to refund the donation of Ms [redacted] and have replaced the amount from our general charity fund.

As soon as we have clear updates on exactly how many dogs Mrs Yang has saved with your kind donations and their progress we will publish details.

For and on behalf of the Trustees

World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade

Registered Charity 1154524


Name [redacted]


Transaction ID [redacted]

Invoice Number Refund due to Abuse

Original payment $20.00 CAD

Amount refunded by seller $19.62 CAD

Fees refunded by PayPal $0.38 CAD

Total refund amount $20.00 CAD

Currently, well known UK actor and respected animal advocate Peter Egan is being defamed by the charity CEO in tweets she makes from her personal account. Mr Egan had previously experienced similar defamation of his character in 2013 via the charity’s social media channels. Dr Daniel Allen, a popular animal geographer, academic, and TV presenter, received online abuse that culminated in him and his workplace being targeted in a series of increasingly malevolent tweets and a defamatory petition maliciously labelling him a predatory attacker of women. Dr Allen details his experience in his article

Another critic is known to have been targeted in her workplace by the charity CEO, and later by the other two trustees and a charity agent, as well as defamed via social media and blogs. Yet another complained of being telephoned by the charity CEO and threatened with legal action for expressing her personal distrust of the charity. Some go on to mention how they object to the 'stalking' behaviour they say they have experienced. Others have lost their personal social media accounts after succumbing to targeted cyber assassination. The list of victims increases daily...

On 16 Aug 2015, the charity declared:

“Mrs Yang has received close to $20,000 so far.”

[Source Article now unpublished due to harassment]

We do not know which dollar currency the charity is applying but assume it to be US dollars therefore equivalent to approximately £12,000GBP.

However, the actual amount sent remains ambiguous due to conflicting statements made by the charity management.

We do know that at least £77,772.86GBP* has been donated via the Total Giving CrowdFunding Platform as displayed by that website today (07 November 2015).

*This total is excluding Gift Aid and is minus payment provider fees.

Based on last know full figures published by Total Giving, we approximate the Gift Aid generated by UK donors to be in the region of £6,000.00GBP.


At time of placing this petition online, it is known that at least one donation of £5,000.00GBP was made direct to the charity via a bank transfer by one UK donor on 21 June 2015 for Mrs Yang. Gift Aid on that donation alone, if eligible, would be £1,250.00GBP. There are no officially published accounts of what other donations were made external to the Total Giving fundraiser.

With the information currently available, but without sight of any other donations gifted for Mrs Yang directly to the charity, this brings the estimated possible total of the restricted fund to £90,000.00GBP.

NB. The charity also invited their social media following to donate for Mrs Yang via the charity’s own website donation portal (


We know of one other restricted fundraiser run by this charity that caused controversy in 2013 when the monies donated from Thailand donors were not processed according to the fundraiser mission statement. We also have evidence to reasonably suggest that a Romanian dog shelter (that the charity asked its supporters to donate for in 2014) was cynically exploited for promotional purposes.

To catch up and keep abreast of some of the more concerning aspects to this charity, please visit

Signed: The Yes and Now Group

The Yes and Now Group is comprised of members of the donating public who have no affiliation to any organisation. We came together as like-minded animal lovers who simply feel that transparency of charity is vital if we are to feel confident in donating our precious pennies to the causes we believe in. We have kept our identities private due to the targeted harassment as described above.


Footnote 1.) The defamation campaign, led by the charity officers to destroy Mrs Yang's reputation in the eyes of the world, has been vicious in the extreme. The unproven charges directed at Mrs Yang have included: she is an animal abuser, she is a scammer using donations for luxury living, she breeds dogs to sell to the dog meat traders, she runs some kind of mafia and employs thugs, she personally boils dogs, she abandons dogs to die of starvation and thirst.

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