Investigate Maine Judges for Racketeering and Misconduct

There has been forgery, perjury, conspiracy and bankruptcy ruse in my case by well known lawyers, mine included , one conflict of interest testifying falsely at my trial for his own vested interest in our multimillion dollar estate in defendants will ,which was covered up by lawyers and judges. I consistently let lawyers, judges and the court know about the corruption in my case and that is why I received homelessness, being destitute and deeply in debt at 66 yrs old, disabled, having been completely dependent and isolated during my 29 yr abusive marriage , confirm by my therapist of 21 years and police reports. Me being threatened by the defendant with disappearing without anyone suspecting him or I would end up homeless and destitute if I left the well known abusive business man and his abuse. The defendant having a PFA against him for physically abusing me ( which he got away with ignoring , stalking me, harassing me, breaking into my home ) which was kept hushed during our three year abusive divorce. Our justice system is said to be the courts private ATM machine by some.

Sharon Blanchard, Alfred, ME, United States
4 years ago
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