Investigate Gitmeid Law & National Debt Relief

Investigate Gitmeid Law & National Debt Relief

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Started by John Collins

This is my mother who is 71 years old who suffers from "Long QT" syndrome which can be potentially fatal and the reason she had to retire from working.

My father, age 72 with over 40 years of Type 1 diabetes, chronic kidney disease and 2 separate knee replacements.

These are the people who through National Debt Relief, Gitmeid Law advised them it would be in their best interest to try to pay off close to $100,000 in credit card debt. My parents have no income, no assets (cars or houses) and scrape by on social security hoping their meager savings can cover their rising medical costs. When my parents ran out of money to pay them, Gitmeid Law referred them to Liberty Lending which suspciously has the same physical address as Gitmeid Law and National Debt Relief. Referring people with awful credit to try to take out a loan? Doesn't seem right. I've recently found information from an ex-employee calling their entire setup a scam.

Over the past year I just couldn't understand why my father stopped eating and often times, just seemed like he had no desire to take care of himself. The family thought it could be "diabetic burnout" but he always said everything was fine. I'm sure he just didn't want to stress out anyone else in the family.

There have been times where my parents had to choose between food and medical costs and I was still unaware fully what was going. Very scary that lack of food and/or medication in their cases can literally be life threatening. There were weeks where I would buy them groceries and I couldn't figure out why they had no money because they don't buy anything other than basic groceries, they don't take trips or even splurge on the occasional night out. I've messaged my concerns to "" which is the email provided on their contact page but did not get a response. I've also voiced my concerns with National Debt Relief via Facebook who is now ignoring my messages.

There have been numerous other testimonials on: that make one question the legitimacy of Gitmeid Law's services. They even still take payments with a company called "Global Client Solutions" which has gotten in trouble in other states for "Unfair and deceptive trade practices" and also sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Contact: for requests.

58,790 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!