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Investigate DC Harrison (nee Johnson) of Lancashire CID for sabotaging evidence

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DC 1092 Harrison (nee Johnson) was the investigating officer for my (unlawful) arrest and she  Perverted the Course of Justice in an attempt to secure a malicious conviction against me.

It is important to note from the outset, that a 'DC' is a Detective in CID, supposedly with expert training and knowledge in investigating crimes.

During my unlawful arrest, I was accused of assaulting a Police Officer. The truth of the matter was that I was assaulted.  I was dragged from my premises, I was pepper sprayed, I was beaten, I was choked and left covered from head to toe in wounds.  I was not resisting. Please take a look at my other petition relating the the assault during the arrest.

Unbeknown to the arresting officer, the whole incident was caught on a fairly discreet CCTV camera in a pub opposite my house.

After my arrest, my parents and my wife reported what they had witnessed and told the Police that the CCTV camera was there was recording.

Police confirmed they would get all evidence.  This never happened.  After asking Police over and over to secure the evidence that I knew would prove my innocence, Police failed.  They said they had tried contacting the Pub landlord on many occasions but he was not in, yet, he was in every single day to open his pub during normal opening hours.

During my Police Interview, I told the Police that the CCTV will 100% prove what happened, but DC Harrison told me that she had tried to get the CCTV but informed it had now been 'deleted'.

I was horrified & disgusted, but as I am an IT expert, I advised DC Harrison that the data will still be recoverable and that my firm could do this.  She told me there was no way they would pass the disk to me.  I said, all I am trying to do is secure evidence in my favour.  As the evidence was deleted, Police were worried that I may be able to recover the evidence that would prove their lies.

DC Harrison told me that she would pass it to Police computer specialists to recover the data. This is recorded on the Police interview tapes.  This never happened.

Suffice to say, I was charged without evidence.  This was the only conclusive evidence that would have proven my innocence and it was destroyed with the full knowledge of the Police.  No attempt was made to recover the data and I was blocked from trying.

I was acquitted of all charges. DC Harrison told the Defence Solicitor and prosecuting barrister that she was 'told to ensure a prosecution without CPS advice' from her superior.  She also told the legal professionals that she would be embarrassed to meet me as she was ashamed of what she was made to do.  This is no excuse, as a CID Officer, she is responsible for her decisions.

After a court order forced Lancashire police to disclose evidence, it has now been found that DC Harrison LIE about the magistrates summary. This is likely because a magistrates court is not recorded, however, I wrote the the judge as asked for her summary notes which she happily obliged, proving DC Harrison to be a LIAR!

Lancashire Police have gone to great lengths to try to discredit me and a full criminal investigation into the conduct of DC Harrison should be instigated.

The reasons they have tried to do this are outlined in y petition showing how they protected a Police Informer from prosecution who threatened to kill my family.

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