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Petitioning Mohave County Board of Supervisors Buster Johnson Mohave County District 3 Supervisor and 5 others

Investigate Bully Cops/Audit Court Cases Involving Fine Payments. Mohave Co. AZ

Mohave County is unrecognized too much of the time. In Lake Havasu City we have rogue police who are guilty of the same or worse crimes they arrest people for. The judges and magistrates are bias in their judgments, defendants are denied the right to plead their cases, meet their accusers and charged excessive fines. A complete audit of all court cases that have involved fine payments or currently involve payments needs to be conducted. The Eighth Amendment protects us from excessive fines.  Our police department is in severe need of reform.  "Protect and Serve" needs to be restored to the sides of police cars and BULLY cops must be excused. Instead of the Arizona Congress ignoring us for being rural and run by the "Good old boys", they need to hear our requests for action and act to fulfill those requests! Please join me in my cause to clean up Mohave County...starting with the police!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Mohave County Board of Supervisors
    Buster Johnson Mohave County District 3 Supervisor
  • Mohave County Attorney
    Matthew J. Smith
  • Citizens Aide
    Arizona Ombudsman
  • Arizona Congress
    Trent Franks Arizona's Second District
  • Arizona Attorney General's Office
    Tom Horne
  • Lake Havasu City Mayor
    Mark S. Nexsen

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