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Investigate Bon Secours and Mellon Bank for retirement fraud.

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Why is this important? Because nurses earn their retirement.

Bon Secours is cheating former employees of Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, and who knows who else, out of retirement benefits. My mom can’t be the only one. How widespread is this practice?

My mom worked at OLBH for 25 years, and in that time she went from Nurse Assistant to Registered Nurse Supervisor. She earned a management policy that in 1996 reported a value of $4000.00 a month for life. At one point she contacted Mellon Bank and upon providing her SSN received papers confirming that the policy existed and that she was entitled to receive it. Now however, since Bon Secours bought the hospital, they act as if she never worked there at all, and thus no such policy existed. We are now unable to locate the document from Mellon Bank (now BNY Mellon) but surely there exists evidence of this package in other places. The burden of proof shouldn’t be ours. Bon Secours is doing this to many former employees. They went so far as to claim that they don't even have her SSN on file. How convenient for them.

She lost most of her vision in 1995 and was forced to leave her job, which she was excellent at, as a result. As part of a private insurance lawsuit unrelated to Bon Secours, her then Administrator of Nursing testified under oath that after two years they still hadn't been able to replace her. This is but one clear example of the ample evidence of her former employment which Bon Secours is willfully ignoring to save themselves from having to pay what they owe.

We later contacted the Attorney General and were told that they couldn't help because Bon Secours “hadn't answered” their inquiry. (?!) This is clearly fraud and should be addressed appropriately.

Please sign and forward to your friends as the widespread corporate practice of finding ways to avoid paying for retirements in this country must be stopped. BonSecours is obviously not the only organization engaging in this activity and until we start holding these individual corporations accountable, the practice will no doubt continue. And I say we start with the one that defrauded my mom. The only way to stop them is to make it unprofitable to attempt it.

Petitions like this one are the last recourse of people defrauded in this way because a sad fact of American life is that the legal system will only protect you for the most part if you can afford to sue every time you need that protection, or you can draw the attention of the masses. Corporations have learned to cynically create a catch 22 by causing the poverty in the first place that then grants them carte blanche with regard to their treatment of the impoverished.

If it weren’t for my mother and father I would be literally homeless right now. My mom saved an untold number of lives. Debt and eventual poverty should not be her reward. And I worry about the safety of my dad’s retirement if this trend spreads. Help me get justice for her and all those like her as a way of saying thanks. Help protect the validity of your own retirement. Help to make exploiting the vulnerable, not only unethical, but a bad business move.

Having a career in the United States should not end with a gamble on whether or not you’ll receive your retirement benefits. Life is enough of a gamble already.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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