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Investigate baby ashes scandal across the UK

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There can be nothing harder in the world than losing your own child. In 2007 I lost my 4 and a half month old daughter Olivia to sudden infant death syndrome. But the most painful time of our lives was made all the more painful when little Olivia’s ashes were not returned.

On arranging her cremation we were told there would be no ashes, it didn’t seem clear why.  We were already in a desperate situation having lost our beloved daughter that we went ahead with the funeral not fully-believing there would be no remains, and that the crematorium would hand them back to us. But they never did.

After much research through professional bodies and various professionals in their field, we have since found that there should have been remains.

BBC Radio Shropshire Reporter Nick Southall has now found that only 1 family out of 30 over a 10 year period were given their infants ashes. This has now turned out to be more than 60 cases in the Shropshire area alone.

Why did this happen? The most frustrating and heartbreaking reasons -- bad management, bad practice to cut corners, save money. It was pure negligence.

Families across England and Wales have begun to come forward - including in Sheffield and Hull, reporting similar experiences. I am certain with further investigation we will find many more.

We are calling for a national investigation to support the claims of other parents right across the uk who are also suffering in the same way, some stretching as far back as 52 years. We need to know the scale of the problem and ask why this was allowed to go on for so long.

We now know there was something left in the cremation chamber after Olivia's cremation including bones, and to quote the law "anything that remains in the cremation chamber after the last flame is extinguished is classed as remains and by Law must be handed by to the applicant of the cremation, its that simple and the law is very clear". Bones do not burn down or blow away - they could have been handed to us, but they weren’t. Please please support us and put an end to the suffering of bereaved parents.

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