Online Cyber Degree Courses for UK Individuals (Disabled or Long-Term Conditions)

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I am requesting the UK Parliament to introduce cyber-security and forensic degree courses for individuals with hidden conditions or disabilities in England.

This would fulfill the dreams for those wishing to pursue IT security degree but are held up due to health conditions.

Over 40% of the national security jobs require a Bachelor's degree or above to qualify in this field. I request the government, in partnership with reputed Universities, to introduce online degree courses? Cyber threats are real and inevitably affecting our society.

Online introductory courses for individuals with hidden conditions and physical disabilities are things to invest in.

They will greatly contribute towards the country's security and even extend further to curbing national disasters such as Zero-Days and eliminate 3rd-Party infections.

I plead that online Ethical Hacking & Computer Security degree courses (BSc and MSc) be introduced in the UK for the benefit of those in need of pursuing IT careers in forensic cyber-security but trapped in physical disabilities and long-term health conditions.

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