Introduce Sex education for both boys and girls

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Keshav Lincoln
Mar 17, 2021
Returning back to normal life and reopening montgomery county and recreation & senior centers, Sports activities, large family gatherings, personal services, Malls & Stores, Religious Facilities, Live Entertainment. Returning back to all cities, countries and all states around the world. Preventing & Stopping & slowing the spread of coronavirus and wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Sankalp Samantray
Mar 15, 2021
It should be there .

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Boop Boop
1 year ago
Boys need to learn more things about girls then trying to sexualize them

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Skully Gaming
1 year ago

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Vedant Dahale
1 year ago
It is a necessary thing which should be done to know about pros and cons about sex education.

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Shruthi V
1 year ago
I feel it is important

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Anita Kanitz
1 year ago
“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”

“Every woman of my vintage knows what sexual harassment is, although we didn’t have a name for it.”

“Feminism is the notion that we should each be free to develop our own talents and not be held back by man made barriers.”

-Ruth Ginsburg

We are living in a world with extreme misogyny, sexism, rape culture and violence against women, girls, female childs and babies.There are hate crimes like femicide, female infanticide, cruel rapes, gang rapes, mass rapes, war rapes ,child rapes, marital rape, heinous rape porns, child porns, forced prostitution, sex slavery, dowry murder, FGM, child marriages, forced marriages, sexual and domestic violence, acid attacks, honour killings, sexual murder, sexual torture, witch hunts, widow murder, human trafficking, abduction connected with rape, torture, forced marriages, murder, religous persecution of women, girls and female childs like in the Islam and the Hinduism,street harassment, workplace and school harassment, online harassment, cyber bullying, cruel punishments for female victims like stoning, lashing, inprisonment, sadistic stalking, lack of human rights, contraception and education, forced and sexist dress codes, hate speech in the society, the media and the religion, violence during childbirths.

These are my shocking experiences:.

First I was and I am a honest girl and woman, hard working at school, High School and Workplace. Goodlooking and with no sexy dresses. A hardworking wife and mother, fighting for women's rights, girls and childrens rights and human rights, for animal rights and for a clean and good environment. I am a very careful person. But inspite of this, I met many psychopaths and evil persons. Nobody is an island of safety and nobody can say, that evil things cannot crosssing the way of life, every day and every time:

The cases I'll describe in more detail!

Here is a short overview!

I was hunted and stalked on the way to school by a traveling salesman from the area of Aachen at the age of 8 to 10 years for two years by the car. Female neighbors who had seen from the window, that a anonymous car was chasing me, said viciously laughing to my shocked old grandmother, that I was a little slut, if that would already start with men and cars, then I would eventually end up on the street prostitution. None of these stupid and vicious women called the police or anyone else to help, though they saw that in my desperation I ran across the fields for my life. This thing ended with schoolmates and my former teacher, who ambushed the offender and expelled him, but I did not get any help from women.

In high school at the age of 17, I was massively harassed, terrorized and stalked by a classmate. There were female idiots in my class who thought I should finally sleep with him, so that calm would enter the class. It was known, that my harasser was an sexual sadist, because he was a great fan of the misogynist films, "The last Tango of Paris" and "Clockwork Orange". Some stupid girls said, that I am an impertinence with my resistance for the whole class. Because of the fact, the stalker had girl friends in the class, it was planned, that these girls should lure me to a party where I would then be put forcefully under alcohol and drugs and he wanted to gang rape me with numerous friendsn, male classmates warned me, from the concerned girls no warning came. And when he tried every day to throw his heavy school backpack on my head for long-distance practice, which could have ended in a hit with serious or fatal injuries, male classmates intervened, some more than mindless girls were very amused over the show and thought that I should see it as casual fun. The help for me came by male classmates and a female subject teacher, one of the few women in my life that really helped me.
Later, when I had started training in another city, he was seen several times with unknown young men in my train compartment, where they passed me with a sneering smile, then another friend of him was one day suddenly in my company canteen, where he was looking menacingly and silently sat down at my table and also my classmate stalker and two male friends threw me one day powerfully an old umbrella from behind in my back in the main station, so that the umbrella broke. So much for the harmlessness of stalkers.

During my first year at the workplace at the age of 18, I became the victim of a rape attempt by a senior colleague. My successful resistance was dismissed as outrageous and unnormal, especially among stupid women who had gone to sleeping around to make carreer, they said if I was thinking to be anything better then the other women. These mindless women bullied me instead of supporting me. I have at that time the support of my boss and a another male collague. For me, it was not surprising that the harasser had an absolutely disgusting porn calender in his office and in my presence he was constantly talking about whether I could compete with these porn stars and show if I have such a figure. My complaints had the loud mocking laughter of the men and the indignation of the absolutely dumbfounded women to say that porn and prostitution were normal and would prevent rapes and only someone who was not right in the head, like me, would be bothered by this porn calender. However, as we learn from the media / criminal cases and crimonological and scientific studies on a daily basis, increasing pornography and prostitution since the sixties has led to worldwide sexual femicide in all countries, especially in Africa, Asia, South America and all Muslim countries/ Arab / Hindu countries. When at the birthday party of my boss a friend of the harasser massively sexually molested me so in that kind that I gave him a hard slap in the face and he wanted to beat me in front of all colleagues who participated with their family in the celebration, it was some men who intervened and helped me. These absolutely totally stupid women on the party said that I was the troublemaker and the wife of the boss had to drive me home to the indignation of the female guests. Mind you, not the harasser, a family man had to leave the celebration, but me. I was bullied for two more years by all horny men and silly women, sleeping around in this authority because of my resilience to the rape and sexual harassment that forced me to quit my civil service.

And when my ex-tenant stalked me at the age of 48 and terrorized to this day, there were very stupid women in the forum for stalking victims who sided with the stalker and called me a liar, and they were totally brainlessfemale friends of the stalker, who have bully me ever with anonymously calls, laughing at the phone and always sending me English-language love-couple reunion hotlines on my birthday and New Year's Eve. No trace of female solidarity, only of mockery and terror. Apparently it makes these stupid women happy to blame and bully the victims not the culprits. They were so silly, that they have not noticed, that my Ex-tenant has make many BDSM revenge porns of them, sending me these porns with anonymous E-Mails, calling all women and girls sluts. No comment to the stupity of these women and girls.

No wonder men around the world consider women for stupid and inferior. As long as women and girls behave so unsolidly and meanly, that will remain so.
If you are female and think you are safe at home, at school or at work, my experiences will teach you a better one!

I would advise all women, girls, and female children to learn self-defense and martial arts instead of learning to be beautiful and docile. Because the day could come when it saves their lives.

Later I deterred all the aggressors by telling them I practiced on a Grapfruit in a self-defense course, how to squeeze out the eyes of male aggressors.

I was stalked and hunted for two years with a car by a unknown man(a cowardly pervert) as I was a little school girl on my long and lonley school way. I was between 8 and 10 years old. He wanted to abduct me and rape me and perhaps kill me. All the time he cried out of the car, he has a little girl as me at home, I must fear nothing. In the back of his car, so I can see it, he had a notebook with female nude photos.The last time the man chased me with the car and tried to pull me in the car, I slammed the car door from the outside and clamped his arm in the car door and then ran away over fields, fields and scrub where he could not follow with the car. I saw on his hand a ring, he was married. He verbally abused me out of the car, called me a little slut and whore and threatened to kill me. Nevertheless, this behavior has saved me. Although the offender was tall and strong, I escaped. At that time, I was telling everything to my teacher and classmates which were trying to ambush the man to grab him. But he escaped. and was never seen again. He had still unsuccessfully addressed boys of my age in the village, but he had not hunted them like me. And these boys have noticed that he had an Aachen license plate and a case for traveling salesmen in the backseat. That said, this man was probably nationwide on the road and in my view, he could certainly have raped and killed children everywhere on his trips. No one could have proved it to him then, the DNA search did not exist at that time. What a perverse human pig!

I was bullied and stalked in college and at workplace. I was 17 year old. I got rape threats from a psychopathic classmate (a cowardly idiot). The classmate was an absolutely spoiled son of an innkeeper in Sulzbach an der Murr. When the classmate sexually insulted and scolded me in front of the whole class, I ripped him with his long hair over a bench and hit him with a ruler until it broke. That gave me respect, because he was a very strong and very tall young man. He had many girl friends all the time, changing them like T-Shirts and laughing about them and called them sluts and whores, but in spite of that, he harassed me. Classmates and a female teacher were speaking some hard words to him, after It told them, that this stalker want to rape me with others and was planing that. He defamed me in the whole school and called me a mad slut. What a heinous human pig! He left the school without passed exame. On a rainy night (I had already left school after passing the exam) he beheaded all the flowers and roses below my bedroom window and trampled all the beds in the garden with his very large shoes. The tracks could be seen the next morning. He made telephone terror together with other unknown guys for many years and drifted around the house at night. Destroyed all the flowers under my bedroom window on the ground floor at night and always showed with threatening looks at my station.

And at the workplace there was a rape attempt by a male boss (a cowardly dumb ass)I was 18 years old. At that time I had a limited internship in the building district of the German Federal Post Office in Fellbach. And here was sexual harassment on the agenda. But as a later female supervisor told me, I would be a shame for the whole post office because men are men, but my behavior to openly blame these men can not be excused. I have not heard a greater nonsense in my life. My supervisor gave me a lot of work unnecessarily, so I sat at it until the evening. When we were alone in the office, he came from behind, took me into a strangle hold and tried to throw me down and take off the sweater. I broke free with elbows and kicks, gave him a chin hook that sent him to the ground and then stepped on him. After that, I escaped. I was very angry because his pregnant wife was in the hospital and he bragged in the office, that he slept daily with another girl, they are all sluts and bitches. This offender was very strong, like a bulldog. I told everything to my other big boss and a male collegague. Both said very hard words to the culprit and threatend him with the police. The offender said, he invited me to a cup of coffee and then I got mad. And to others he said that I was a liar and a slut sleeping around. What a cowardly human pig! But they did not believe him. In spite of this I was bullied and harassed by others, because of that and so I terminated my job after three years for a better one.

I was stalked and harassed by an misogynist Muslim ex-tenant (a cowardly asshole) and his entire circle of friends. At that time I was 48 years old. There were damages to property, slander on the Internet, cybermobbing, telephone terror, rape threats and death threats. I got many sadistic rape porns and I was called a slut, which deserves rape. My husband e-mailed the tenant for his outrageous behavior, which then accused us of being liars and stalkers.
My husband reported the tenant on suspicion of terrorism because tenant had the behavior of a terrorist and friendships with very uncanny appropriate people.
Our ex-tenant told us that he was a student of the University of Melbourne and would do an internship at a famous firm in Stuttgart. At the time, I wondered why the university and the firm did not realize which real psychopath they were dealing with.

I think my ex-tenant is a very dangerous man who is capable of anything. Shortly before moving out, he was seen laughing and taking a gun at the head of his then-female acquaintance in a car below the house. At the same time, my husband informed me that the tenant had bought a sadistic porn on the same day, when his girlfriend wanted sanitary napkins because of heavy bleeding from me. We knew immediately what had happened. During his short thenant-time he had a girl friend and many One-Night-Stands, but in spite of that, he stalked me. And he defamed me in the neighbour hood as woman, that slept around. After the departure of the tenant informed me the very worried mother of a female tenant in the apartment above him that her daugther was probably drugged with drugs, raped and was now blackmailed. The mother of the female tenant must give her 24.000 €, the daughter said, she had to pay someone at once. But she said her mother not, who he was. Since the female tenant no longer talked to us and then moved out and probably no police turned on, we could unfortunately do nothing. Anonymous murder and rape threats to me were signed with Jack from Hell. I got a photo sent from the blowjob with about a twelve years old girl or younger, I recognized him on the liver spot and dimples on the chin, on the dark hair and the clothes. And I got anonymous many rape porns with E-Mail with calling me a dumb bitch and prostitute.
From a forum for stalking victims, I and all those who wanted to help me, were bullied out by him and other unknowns within a few days. I was no longer anonymous, because my appearance and my place of residence was described. A pen pal discovered a Bosnian forum where my tenant bragged that he was going to end the conflict with a woman with a bottle in her vagina, attached with a corresponding cruel X-ray image of such a crime. What a sadistic human pig! My tenant was a very tall and very strong man, when I realized that he was planning something evil when I was home alone one day, I invited my parents and let them park their car somewhere else. He came then and was very angry when I was not alone, he was sweating heavily, claiming that he wanted to pay me the rent cash today and pulled out a bundle of unbelievable many money , which seemed very strange to me. He is a masterful psychopathic liar, and capable of anything that I know to be evil.
There are also frequent incidents (during the rental period and even today after removal of the tenant) with nocturnal shots below the house, nocturnal destruction of a flower bank, flower pots, outdoor lamps, outdoor cameras, motion detectors, garden furniture in the garden, digging plants and stone steps at night Removal of the garbage containers or paper containers at night with removal of the contents, nightly damage to the company car (scratching, loosening the wheel nuts, piercing the tires).And until now we hear unknown men nightly around the house, under the house and the garden. A girlfriend of mine saw unknown foreign men in cars under the house nightly together with her friend, these people were driving always quickly away when they saw my girlfriend and her friend. Apart from the fact that he did not even pay his monthly newspaper and told the newspaper I would pay it.
Again and again, someone unknown goes around the house at night. When I threw hard fruit out of the skylight several times a night and hit the shadow, I heard from the sounds that it was a man.
Since my ex-tenant had intercepted mail from me during his tenancy and spied constantly in the paper container at night in discarded postal items, he came so to the addresses of girlfriends, penpals and colleagues. These people were massively harassed on the Internet and privately with telephone terror, property damages, break-ins and burglary attempts. A female friend of mine, who lived below my house, was molested by a whole unknown Arab clique (there were a burglary attempt and rape threats connected with harassment and telephone terror) until she threatened with the police. Not surprisingly, in the years that followed, I saw this man again and again at longer intervals nearby, near the house, in the tram, the tram stop in my neighborhood, my workplace, near my girlfriend's apartment, either alone or together with an unknown man or an unknown woman, either in changing cars with different license plates or without a car. With beard, glasses, sunglasses or without. My son also saw him differently in the car parks near his school. When I saw him once in front of the shopping center of our district in the morning, my imitated photos were gone for 6 weeks. On a vacation and a cure, I had an unknown very big man at night on the balcony, which was also noticed by others. In addition, we had two private burglary attempts and a break-in attempt in our Austrian apartment and in a cure tried at night an unknown man to invade in my room. When a movie theater we visited, had to be evacuated because of a decaying, stinking dead animal that unknown people had left behind us, my son and his friend saw our ex-tenant with an unknown woman leaving the cinema. In addition, the ex-tenant repeatedly called me with false identities professionally and privately, so in the presence of my son in December 2015, when I was just was released from a serious tumor surgery from the hospital, my ex-tenant called himself Mr. Unterberg. At the hospital last night, an unknown tall, dark-haired man tried to get into my room, but he was expelled by a fellow female patient. The daughter of a female friend (who herself was exposed to several burglaries and harassment from a group of unknown foreign persons), was gangraped by unknown perpetrators and made a severely disabled. The perpetrators were never identified. The stalking of another girlfriend (Burglaries, harassment by unknown) was so extreme that she goes with her husband many times to the police, but the police could not find out everything, in all other cases it was the same.

Of course, all stalking operations also affected my commute and my workplace and all our office buildings. In the long time of stalking, I changed the departments several times and so did the buildings. Shortly after moving out of the ex-tenant we got a lot of virus mails, porno mails, funny and anonymous calls in the company. In addition, there were burglary attempts at my former workplace. But that was not all, as I later moved within the city in another company building, it started really. Burglaries and attempted burglaries were the order of the day in both company buildings, but our superiors made sure that nothing came out. In one case I was on vacation when all the offices were robbed and devastated, except my office and direct colleagues, which all found damn suspicious. Previously, I had noticed suspicious Arabs in the building who did not belong here, and on my report, my boss suspected me of racism. A little later, in the evening, my chief boss in another company building surprised the burglars and called the police, while the foreign dark-haired young offenders fled across the roof. He was banned by the top management to say anything, but he told me all about it. Once again someone smashed a massive glass door in the corridor in the evening while I was still working. Again nothing could be found out. In addition, someone tried in the evening to open forcefully the office space of another office building of the company when I was alone in the company with a blind female colleague. As a precaution, I had closed all the staircase and elevator entrances and doors, which saved us. My husband picked me up that evening and noticed suspicious lights above our floor from his car, lights from a floor that was actually empty at the time. Soon after, he saw a whole group of Arab suspicious young men furiously leaving the building. My blind colleague at the time was scared to death, but did not want that I call the police and left the building shivering with me over the elevator, where my husband was already was waiting very worried. In another case someone wanted to break into another office building with my female colleagues in the morning when I was on vacation. Completely hysterical, they called my boss, who forbade them to call the police for their paranoia. It is not surprising that this was my office space. Another time when I was on vacation as well, an elderly colleague unsuspectingly picked up my phone and heard an unknown man yell deadly death threats, including: I punch you in the skull, I'll kill you.
Since the caller called the whole day, the police were informed, which could only find out that the calls were made by a phone booth in Berlin. Everything was to be kept secret from me, yet my colleagues told me everything. Once again I silently talked to our male receptionist about the front desk when an unknown stocky Arab showed up at the glass door, made threatening gestures to us and wildly scolded him in Arabic. When the receptionist wanted to ask him what he was doing there, the culprit fled with a car. A few years after moving out of the tenant, I was twice persecuted in the morning on the way to work in the dark by a male stranger, who always remained in the dark and avoided the streetlights. It was strong male steps and a very big shadow. Did I stop, he stopped, when I went on, he wents on. The same happened twice on the way back, even in the dark in the evening. My husband, who was the meaning it was too dangerous for me, drove me to the tram and picked me up in the evening. About stalking was not spoken in my company. Despite all the incidents, the female persons who reported incidents were accused of paranoia. I was personally told that these are all coincidences that I should not overestimate. Much was also tried to keep secret from me.

I got and receive many phone calls from him with fake names, both professionally and privately. He called himself, for example, Mr. Unterberg, Kofi Annan, Johnny Cash, Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam. He also allegedly called on behalf of our insurance companies, our health insurance or a environment organization, where I was a member. Recalls from my husband and myself showed that no one from the insurance companies, the health insurance and environment organization had called us. He never disguised his voice and always laughed maliciously. I always recognized and identified him. In addition, we received uninterrupted anonymous letters and faxes that our relatives had died abroad. Unfortunately, I was also confronted with sadistic and misogynist pornography by this Muslim ex-tenant and stalker and his Islamist friends, in which they constantly sent me BDSM and shocking cruel gangbang pornos and news, especially by a porn producer from Munich, John Thompson, whose film studio became closed later due to incredible cruelty. My stalker and his friends told me that they would practice my planned rape gangbang as a porn supporter and porn statists with John Thompson. Porn producer, Reinhold B. (64) aka John Thompson expressed his pride in 2012 about his disgusting machinations, even if he had to sit in the court in 2010 for it.
What was filmed in his studios on Leopoldstrasse in the middle of Schwabing is, in fact, far beyond "normal" pornography: the films are extremely brutal rape! Women are being abused and humiliated. "On his website," John Thompson "constantly recruits young women:" If you pass the casting, you start with 25 euros per hour (for gang rape and sexual torture at it's finest). Many of our models earn $ 1,000 a day. (for lifelong injuries on body and soul) "What women paid for this gage reads like a horror script in the indictment: Bound women are raped by several men at the same time, they are beaten and spit, they become objects and hot candle wax, they are humiliated and literally pulled through the mud. All disgusting details are shown in close up.
Furthermore, during the stalking, I was confronted with sex trafficking and forced prostitution, in which the stalker and his friends told me that my real place was also in such a flat-rate brothel as, for example, in Fellbach near Stuttgart, here there were female sex slaves for almost nothing money and the women and girls would open their mouths only for blowjobs. Soon after that , various flatrate brothels were closed down for human trafficking and forced prostitution and unworthy conditions, as many girls and women had to spend a day with hundreds of suitors, entire buses of horny and sadistic men arrived to stage brutal gangbangs with young girls. After the perpetrators were convicted and the brothels were closed, it became known to the public that the young women were in poor health due to many untreated infections and injuries. Because of trafficking and pimping in so-called flat-rate brothels, two men and the female brothel chief from Fellbach became their punishment in court. The Stuttgart district court sent the defendants to jail for several years. The public has demanded much longer prison sentences for these criminals. From March 2008 to July 2009, they are said to have employed about 200 women and girls, some of them underaged in four brothels with low flat rates. For 100 to 200 euros , the women would have to spend a day available.
My meaning is, the male police means, that all the women are hysterical and implausible. I think nothing of the thesis that stalker are admirers and are harmless, I think this thesis simply idiotic and stupid and it was probably invented to protect these hate crime.

The unintelligible thing about the whole thing is, all Criminals, Mobbers and Stalkers had spectators, bystanders and helpers and people, which are looking away, also females. How can women and girls in this world be so stupid to be not on their own side?
I have therefore the opinion that the cowardly crimes stalking, bullying and rape are punished as hard as possible and that helpers, bystanders and spectators must be also severely punished.
Bullying and stalking, rape culture should not be more straightforward in the future. In cases where bullying and stalking leads to death or ends with rape, gang rape, sexual torture, murder and suicide, there should be high lifelong imprisonment for all parties, including helpers and spectators.

The female betrayal of female victims is as old as the world. Because of this men worldwide call women dumb and inferior. The female betrayal includes bullying, slander, hate speech, psychoterror, abuse, violence, stalking, participation in FGM, child murder, abortion of female fetuses, femicide, forced marriages, childhood marriages, honor murder, dowry murder, sex murder, sexual torture, acid attacks, witch hunts, sex slavery, rape pornography, forced prostitution. Female treason also means excusing the perpetrators and accusing the victims. This is a worldwide disgrace and must have an end.

To the cases mentioned, which I have described here, I would like to say the following:

How can parents be so stupid and idiotic and fail to make sure children are safe on their way to school? And why are these idiots not able to call in the police in such a case.
How can teachers in a school sit idly by when a student is stalked and harassed and when there are other cases of sexual abuse in the school and the surrounding area (e.g. youth meeting places). How totally brain amputated and irresponsible must such teachers be?
How can it be that an underage trainee, together with many other young women and girls, can be sexually harassed and insulted with impunity in the training or workplace without the perpetrators having to fear the slightest thing? What completely vicious and idiotic people these superiors and works councils have to be, that they force the victims to quit and then withhold job references and also make bad statements about them at other employers.
And how can it be that an administrator for a network for female victims of stalking protects the perpetrators and still organizes a witch hunt on the victims on the net, what a vicious and misogynistic asshole must that be? And why doesn't anyone stop such people?
And how is it possible that my brother-in-law can continue his criminal and misogynistic actions with impunity and that everyone around him looks the other way to this day. What kind of misogynistic and disgusting cowardly fools are these?
As long as women and girls worldwide are not considered human and these many cases worldwide prove it, everything will remain as it is. Accusing the victims and protecting the perpetrators!
Organized hate campaigns are for example bullying with internet harassment and online slandering. Stalking, cyber stalking and bullying,,online stalking, online harassment connected with defamation and identy theft, the enhanced form of bullying has increased alarmingly worldwide and also the cruelty to the victims is very frightening. Many destroyed lives and suicides, especially among children, adolescents, young girls are very much the case. Stalkers are felonies, cowardly, psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic, brutal and capable of anything. I know that as victims and as a member of a victim organization. It is important to establish support centers for victims, it is important to create very hard for stalker laws with long prison terms. It is important to recognize stalking as a felony and condemn the perpetrators as felons. Stalker lay hands remarkably often on women living alone, young girls, to students, children who are going to school and chat, families with children.
It makes them fun to destroy lifes, it makes them fun to get people to commit suicide, it makes them fun to make people emotionally, professionally and personally broken. This has to end with very hard punishments!

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Pinku Nana
1 year ago
Rape is a serious prevailing issue and a crime in India

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Kaustabhi Tank
1 year ago
Yes, sex education should be given to both boys and girls.

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Greeshma Pohuja
1 year ago
Edit to my previous comment:Also if you are refusing to sign this petition it just simply means you don't care about the millions of women/girls and even guys living in India! It means you don't care whether a close someone gets raped. Please understand , you say it's against our culture while I say it's what our culture needs! Orelse soon India will be hated by almost all the countries all over the world and it's already not safe but if we do not introduce this we girls might not even be able to go out during the day.