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Introduce SC/ST PoA Act Amendment Bill during Winter Session of Parliament

Atrocity on SC and ST communities has been alarmingly increasing  in spite many legislations existing in our great Democratic, Secular and Republic Country  . The present form of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocity  Act-1989  has failed to provide justice to SCs and STs and prevent Atrocity due to serious gaps in the Act. The Amendment in the Act is sought to end Untouchability and Atrocity on SCs and STs for ever.

Letter to
Chairperson, UPA Madam Sonia Gandhi
Hon'ble Chairperson, NAC, New Delhi, India ( Through Private Secretary) Madam Sonia Gandhi,
Respected Madam,

We appalud and thank you very much for the steps your government has been taking for the upliftment of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities of our Country.

As you know that in spite various steps taken by the government and presence of many legislations to prevent atrocity on SCs and STs, the atrocities have been increasing day by day due to weak implementation and gaps in such legislations .

We are happy to note that the present UPA government is planning to amend the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocity Act-1989 to make it more stronger for extending justice to atrocity victims and end untouchability in India.

We wish that amendment be done on PoA Act as soon possible by introducing the Amendment Bill during winter session of Parliament

Hence, we request you to kindly take steps to introduce the PoA Amendment bill during forthcoming winter session of Parliament.

Kind regards
Jugal Kishore Ranjit
State Coordinator ( Odisha)
National Dalit Movement for Justice

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