Introduce new laws to punish rapists

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Rape is undoubtedly a heinous crime and an issue of great concern in India today. Despite enacting new laws with stringent punishments and setting up fast-track courts, things have not changed much. With more rape cases are coming to the fore and covered in the news, few questions always come to our mind.

Considering the punishments meted out in other countries, India is too soft on convicts.Is it not because of the delay in legal proceedings that make criminals feel that they will not be convicted in their lifetime?

In most countries, there is no leniency when it comes to punishing a rapist. When we check the punishments given to rapists in most countries,we can see that every country has a strict legal policy in place and the punishments for the culprit are clearly defined. While the punishment in the Muslim-dominated countries is instant death, in other countries, the punishment extends from few years of jail to life imprisonment depending on the extremity of the case. But in our country, although there are laws to punish these criminals , the court proceedings can take 2-3 years and in some cases these criminals walk out free. This delay in delivering justice is one of the main reasons why the crime rate is increasing day by day. The criminals have a feeling that they can get away with anything in our country. For a country where the currency notes were banned overnight and salary of MP's and MLA's are increased without opposition, why can't the people in power bring in severe laws to punish these criminals and instil fear in those who think they can commiti crime and get away with it.

I hope this message reaches the right people.