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Introduce Constitutional Amendment to Remove Personhood from Corporations.

The recent Supreme Court decision which allowed unlimited Corporate spending on elections equated the rights of corporations to the rights of "we the people". A corporation is not a living entity and does not have the same moral right or obligations as people do. The only sure way to make sure that we correct the egregious error by the Supreme Court is to pass a Constitutional Amendment which will once, and forever make it clear that only living, breathing, people have the rights and responsibilities foreseen in the Constitution.

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Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
The recent Supreme Court decision which essentially gives corporations the same rights as individuals is a travesty. It serves only to increase the influence of money on an already broken electoral system. As elected members of Congress, you know all too well that money has an inordinate and unfair influence on decisions on how to vote on legislation. When raising funds to get re-elected becomes a factor in the decisions on how to vote on legislation then it is time to remove the influence of money from our election process.

The first way we can do this is to stop the deepest pockets from spending unlimited amounts of money on our elections by the introduction of a Constitutional Amendment which would deny large organizations like corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. We must do this by clearly affirming that no organization can have the same rights as an individual and reaffirming the interstate commerce clause through which Congress can regulate large groups and corporations.

As a constituent and a voter, I call on you to introduce an Amendment to our Constitution in this Congress which would reaffirm the rights of individuals, deny corporations and other large organizations equivalent rights, and reaffirm Congress's right to govern interstate commerce.