Introduce a pay-per-mile road tax to cut emissions and build a fairer, greener future

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Why are the poorest in society being charged more, to drive less?

The UK’s current flat rate car tax model is unfair. It’s that simple. And we’ve now set out to prove it more clearly than ever.

We recently teamed up with experts from The University of Manchester on some new analysis of the National Travel Survey, and found that:

  • Lower income households in the UK drive 40% fewer miles than the highest income bracket.
  • The UK’s highest income households drive 4x further than the lowest income households.
  • 15% of households in the lowest income group own a new car (registered in the last three years), compared to 28% from the highest-income households.
  • Only 22% of drivers from low income households pay the cheapest tax bands (A-C). In the wealthiest group, this rises to nearly 30%.
  • Low income drivers being taxed over double per-mile than more wealthy road users (10 pence vs. 3.2 pence per mile)

We firmly believe that a pay-by-mile car tax is the only fair and just solution. This could be easily calculated at MOT and paid annually. 

We’re urging the Government to adopt a fairer approach for lower mileage drivers, charging and taxing motorists for the miles they actually drive and rewarding those who drive less. 

This new model would not only save lower income households money, but reduce congestion and emissions - which will benefit all road users, however they choose to travel.

Sign the petition now and share it with your friends to lend us your support. Together we can create a fairer system for UK car tax.

By Miles
2 months ago