Introduce a pay-per-mile road tax to cut emissions and build a fairer, greener future

The MPs don't care what they do to the general public as the mp's can claim it back on taxes anyway or expenses.

plus it's only the the rich people who are allowed to have luxuries we are just working peasants we must all remember that.

We are All expendable in the MPs eyes as long as they can keep their luxuries yachts etc.

We must all work just to have a slice of bacon well more like a slice of bread we must be grateful for that that we can get a slice of bread maybe not everyday what more can we ask for.
It is getting like Oliver Twist time
Mind you I can always get on my bike and Ride for to 200miles in the day to have a holiday it's possible NOT! Won't have any change of clothes though but who cares about that

And yes I am against this

Ray Bu, Barking, ENG, United Kingdom
1 year ago
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