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Introduce a Bill to Eliminate Employee Credit Checks in North Carolina

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Potential employees qualifications should not be based on their credit worthiness. It is not indicative of the person's ability or trustworthiness to do the job.

Using a Credit Report to determine a potential employee's hiring worthiness is discriminatory. Regardless of the state of the economy, no employer should have the right to determine an employee's possible employment based on their credit worthiness. Potential employees need a job in order to pay off their debt. If they can't gain a job because of bad credit, they will be placed in a paralyzed position and unable to take the appropriate steps to resolve their credit issues.

Credit inquiries should only be performed when the person applies for, or currently holds, a supervisory, managerial, professional, or executive position at a financial institution.

Based on the NCSL (National Conference of States Legislatures) the total number of states that limit employers' use of credit information in employment is now eight: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Washington enacted legislation in 2007, Hawaii enacted legislation in 2009, Illinois and Oregon enacted legislation in 2010. California, Connecticut and Maryland enacted legislation in 2011. Vermont enacted its legislation in 2012.

If these states were successful at presenting and passing this bill, North Carolina has a good chance of getting a similar bill passed with the assistance and action of North Carolina Senator Phil Berger and State Representative John Bust.

We respectfully request your help in submitting this bill.  I have already taken the liberty of drafting a bill and will immediately submit it to you upon your request.

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