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Petition to Strictly Enforce Cleanliness and Order on the Walls of Intramuros

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         The Walls of Intramuros is one of the most wonderful heritage site and tourist attraction here in Metro Manila. It was first constructed during the 16th century by the Spaniards to make Intramuros safe from foreign invasion. Now, it still stands strong surrounding the city and continued to be managed and maintained by the Intramuros Administration (IA). Based on experience, the Walls of Intramuros really is a nice place to visit especially for tourist. Even so, cleanliness and order is not that strictly enforced. Trash can be constantly be seen along the walls due to people who loiter around and cannot take responsibility of their own waste. The watchtowers along the walls has also become somewhat a public urinal for people which is inappropriate.


        In effect, we would like to petition the Intramuros Administration (IA) to strictly promote cleanliness and order on the Walls of Intramuros. We would like the IA to assign full time sweepers and monitor litterers. We would also like them to place a fine on whoever is caught littering and vandalizing and strictly implement such laws. This will help control people who continues to litter even though trash bins are available and keep the walls free from vandalism.


       The aim of this petition is to make the Walls of Intramuros clean and orderly. This will help increase tourism in the Intramuros and make it more appreciable to the tourist to visit the walled city. We should preserve our cultural heritage because it is what keeps us attached to our traditions, culture, and beliefs. Every historical site has a story to tell and it’s our connection to the past. It is our responsibility to preserve our cultural heritage for the coming generation so that they may have the same opportunities to learn about our country and their ancestors’ past.


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