Intl Guardianship Status of Cultural Heritage Treasurer 4 music/arts educators/therapists

Intl Guardianship Status of Cultural Heritage Treasurer 4 music/arts educators/therapists

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Environmental Sanity Now! started this petition to US President Biden and

Elected officials at UNESCO Secretariat, and all global and local executive power institutions of all countries: shake off the denial of shivering data from 60+ global fertility studies that are evident of collective mental  B L I N D  S P O T of environmental  i n s a n i t y - shut down pain alarm to toxicityread info below

Stop multigenerational ZOMBILIZATION - the elusive and dangerous root-cause for fast approaching HUMAN extinction: Fund s c a r c e  yet needed for everyone practitioners/coaches/teachers of skills for essential for all Music/Arts Sensory Reawakening through humanities education - as the counterpoint to sensory deprivation and subliminal sensory shutdown. Everyone deserves to learn the tools for restoring personal inter hemispheric balance and heart-brain balance through music/arts practice. Become COUNTDOWN2045 Ambassador - help others understand this key issue of learning to harness Music instinct for building collective INTEGRATIVE consciousness, existential for our human race to stop self defeat NOW!  Nothing could be changed without addressing the root cause

Re-evaluate your PRIORITIES: Indiscriminate hard to grasp global trend calls for everyone to P A U S E  EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT WAS “IMPORTANT” more than your PREVENTABLE loss of health from cumulative effect from many offgassing manmade products in your dwellings: 

Practice Sensory Reawakening to address the ROOT cause and to prevent forecasted by 2045 (!) by 60+ fertility studies under-publicized, yet fast approaching CHILDLESS generation of grandkids of today’s adults = the onset of HUMAN extinction! Avoid their anger at you for doing nothing to allow for their birthright - ACT TODAY!

Every day matters now, during COUNTDOWN2045:  

Attn INTELLECTUAL LEADERS in all executive power institutions!


TELL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO END LEGAL PARALYSIS FOR RELEVANT HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS STANDARDS, OR  TO  R E S I G N! Avoid FACING JUSTICE by extradition to Intl Criminal Court in Hague, Holland, for doing nothing according to their duties to stop environmental crimes against Humanity of global scale! No impunity loopholes work there…

BIOIDENTICAL MATERIALS FOR ALL MAN MADE PRODUCTS NEED TO BE C R E A T E D  AND MASS PRODUCED rapidly and with government funding to be available and affordable for ALL global population immediately!

Fund innovation by putting ALL resources of the society for helping sustain human birthright!  Or step down and let true leaders take charge for generations to come!

Prevent INDISCRIMINATE sharp increase of agony of birth defects among Y O U R own offsprings and vast spread of environmental illnesses, while it is still possible, despite any difficulties.  As it will be impossible, when most population will be knocked down and incapable to rise pup t0 the challenge

 Help the public change top priorities NOW!  STOP BUSINESS AS USUAL! during COUNTDOWN2045 - the very narrow window for preventing ZERO FERTILITY GLOBAL CRISIS BY 2045, due to very dangerous for our health and species’ sustainability TOXIC OFFGASSING OF MANY MANMADE CONSUMER PRODUCTS, in addition to pollution of soils, water, air, that most of people are no longer able to sense, due to multigenerational sensory shutdown of our  SENSE OF PAIN ALARM to chemical toxicity, making population complicit to toxic killers on every step we make! 

Wake up to alarming data from 60+ global fertility studies: cumulative effect from normalized and illegally legalized off-gassing of toxic chemicals in many manmade consumer products had been causing multitude of environmental illnesses, including rapid plummeting sperm counts at current rate of 1%/year during past decades, leading to forecast of ZERO by 2045!  [BUT, Sober up to most recent and ever more shivering data: during  o n l y  2017-2022 chemical pollution rose so much, that now sperm counts are plummeting with SIGNIFICANTLY  I N C R E A S E D to  2.64%/year rate, while no actions had been taken to acknowledge and to create global strategy to begin addressing vast global problem]

Other environmental illnesses are on the sharp increase as well, while medical industry has been failing to label them as such, failing to point to the population their PREVENTABLE nature, while benefitting along with Pharma industry from dispensing multitude of drugs with horrible effects, called paradoxically “side effects”, as if caused by them severe illnesses are less significant…

As the result of unannounced, yet impactful on many lives chemical warfare on population had already claimed many victims, including 1 in every 40 children is now autistic in CA. Every 2nd man and every 3rd woman on the planet will suffer from cancer this decade.  (Indeed, unless major changes are made, these data includes all of us, you, your loved ones, your future offsprings (if lucky?), your colleagues, your friends! )

Humanity deserves better present and future, than vanishing in anguish from own blindness to manmade hazards: Commit to changing the vector of human brain development NOW:

Population needs to rise up: JOIN OUR MOVEMENT FOR USING THE ARTS to address the root cause of SENSORY COMPLICITY to hazards. Join SENSORY REAWAKENING THROUGH MUSIC, ARTS AND HUMANITIES EDUCATION to help humanity restore balanced brain function, in order to restore priorities of Health and Safety, and to shift from dominating self destructive mindset to integrative collective consciousness: 

Address NOW all of COMPLEXITY with NO OVERSIMPLIFICATION, including its surprising ROOT cause of ENVIRONMENTAL INSANITY - SENSORY SCARCITY, that has been increasing society-wide ZOMBLIZATION, resulting in multigenerational sensory shutdown of PAIN alarm that can no longer inform self preservation instinct for detection toxic chemicals in many consumer products. 

PRIORITIZE this shivering INDISCRIMINATE data over everything, since it makes it evident that our reflex, similar to pain-based instinct to react to fire, isn’t functional towards chemical hazard any more, as it has been shut down over generations by the collective infatuation with techno gadgets, failing to be mindful of toxic materials they had been made with :

Today, during COUNTDOWN2045, leaders at power institutions of the society must demonstrate possession of INTELLECTUAL LEADERSHIP CAPACITY (or RESIGN) through practicing INTEGRATIVE bilateral cognition VS primitive partial mindset thru unilateral cognition:

URGENTLY! do everything possible to facilitate society-wide COUNTERPOINT of Sensory Reawakening through music and the arts for ALL, restorative for inter hemispheric balance, and thus, ESSENTIAL for existence of our human race and NOW, most urgent for preventing global catastrophe:

Our generation is at fhe last line of defense: Begin by making urgent meaningful investment into preservation, validation, safeguarding and rescuing of devastated by long cultural deprivation and now scarce and rare carriers of these disappearing skills of CULTURAL HERITAGE TREASURERS - music and Arts instructors and therapists !  Provide centuries overdue government rescue package with funding, tax shelter for their housing and studio/office spaces, arts supplies and music instruments purchase/maintenance, utilities, medical insurance coverage to afford holistic medical care similar to top government officials, etc., as OVERDUE APOLOGY to them and to the society - manifesting promises into practical means and venues for passing unique cultural heritage down to the next generations during the least amount of time!  Stop endangering the future of humankind!

Inform the public and call for NO BUSINESS AS USUAL - new type of priorities and values to sustain existence for civilization at risk in less than quarter of century among global population! And create comprehensive strategy for urgent PARADIGM SHIFT actions:

A) Create strategies to remediate widespread toxicity and to shift to non-toxic alternatives:

CREATE NEW RELEVANT HEALTH/SAFETY STANDARDS for manufacturing and enforce compliance for ALL industries, based on research ( as spotlighted in the books by Dr. Shanna Swan, PhD “COUNT DOWN”, and by Dr. Molot, MD  “12,000 canaries can’t be wrong...”)

 Promote development of NEW, bio-identical technologies, based on NON-toxic natural materials

Stop VOLUNTARILY institutionalized SELF DESTRUCTIVE chemical warfare on human health and natural resources by inhumane UNCIVILIZED GREED FOR POWER THRU $$$.  Instead, ADDRESS your overcompensation for childhood starvation for love, to avoid  EXTRADITION TO INTL CRIMINAL COURT TO FACE THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY, where impunity for environmental crimes against humanity is NOT institutionalized by bribery of shameless political campaign contributions, paradoxically permitted in USA, making mockery on humanity’s cradle of democracy 

B) Promote and fund expansion of transformative Music/Arts engagement for all, to address the ROOT cause of Sensory Deactivation:

         1. Fund and promote urgent research and development of Music-centered  modalities, based on transformative power of Music Instinct, to address on neurotransmitters’ level the elusive mind-paralyzing “slave master” of zombilization, influenced by the grip of ancient instincts, such as Flocking, Fight or Flight, Patriarchy, and other evolutionary relics of the human mind:

         2. Protect with rescue package and Intl guardianship status of CULTURAL HERITAGE TREASURERS for music/arts educators/therapists, who had become scares, having to struggle to survive under Oath to Poverty, serving Humanity as carriers of the unique ancestral gift of music and the arts modalities for aligning the brain with vibrational nature of the universe. 

         3. Fund educational programs to facilitate sharing and passing down of now scarce skills for emotionally resonant music and the arts, as the counterpoint to widespread mechanical emotionally repressed expression with no authenticity in the arts

         4. Provide land, government funding, tax shelter and all necessary facilitation expenses for creation of EXPRESSIVE ARTS/ECO colonies with eco/arts detox bootcamp grounds, to model BRAND NEW CONCEPT of community, led by INTEGRATIVE MINDSET and relevant to reality Health and Safety Standards, to provide essential survival skills during COUNTDOWN2045 for that are the key for optimal mental function and creative cognition. 

                A) for sharing and teaching strategies for detoxing of most consumer products and dwellings, and

               B) for providing workshops for passing unique and scarce skills of Sensory Reawakening, based on humanities education in music and the arts expressions

               C) for conducting research in emerging and promising success area of neuroscience, involving using music and sound resonance, applied for brain advancement and calibrating new high efficacy Expressive Arts/music therapy modalities. 

MUCH MORE TO LEARN: remember to  S I G N AND SHARE  this alarming info: 

Recently observed Bach Sensory Deactivation Effect demonstrates the evidence for correlation between unconscious sensory shutdown under sociosomatic groupthink pressure and a blind spot in perception, serving as the root cause for the above unrecognized fast approaching global environmental illness and infertility crisis.  This hard to grasp subliminal aspect of the human mind could be embodied, captured and improved (!) through MUSIC

Leadership members at all levels of public authority: You have no choice, but RESIGN  N O W, or to step up your leadership and raise up your leaders’ voice: 

Join us in our crusade against zombilization: together we can help raise vibration and awaken the VANGUARD of global and local government institutions of power and media outlets:

PUBLIC OFFICIALS WITH FAILED INTELLECTUAL LEADERSHIP CAPACITY ! BEWARE: face the reality and initiate relevant actions with NO BUSINESS AS USUAL priority, OR, face extradition to Intl Criminal Court! in Hague, Holland, that does NOT provide immunity to those, who misused their powers to be above the law through impunity and political campaign contributions loopholes in USA law, evident of pathological cognitive dissonance, hurtful to all

Red Alert Press Release (printable PDF) on presentation by Rozalina Gutman for ISME Research Commission @35th World Conference for Intl Society for Music Education:!_!!PressReleaseRe_BachSensoryDeactivationEffect_BSDE!!_PDF.pdf


Watch video presentation with PowerPoint slides by Rozalina Gutman on her prolific discoveries about THE ROOT CAUSE of most mental malfunction - lack of balanced brain cognition, due to sensory shutdown, caused by NORMALITY OF TRAUMA in our society and misuse of our ancestral gift of brain recalibration - the tools of practicing our HUMANITY THROUGH AUTHENTIC MUSIC AND ARTS EXPRESSION  


Illustrated with comics infographic video of interview by Dr. Swan, author of “COUNT DOWN”:  NEWEST DATA - 2.64%/year rate of sperm plummeting speed that dramatically increased only during 2017-2022 !
(P A U S E: Imagine also dramatically increasing rates for other environmental illnesses, that had not been labeled as such, incl. cancers, dementia, autism, autoimmune, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart, lungs liver etc diseases. This is the reality that is still possible to change, but for only short time) - earlier presented shivering data that may not be denied


Green Science Policy Institute @ UC Berkeley 

STINK! documentary on horrifying danger of artificial fragrance AND CORRUPTION OF AMERICAN LEGISLATION by shameless legalized bribery of political campaign contributions: 



In somber commemoration of 305th anniversary of false retaliatory imprisonment of genius  composer and music educator J.S.Bach with the mind of neuroscientist, impoverished and unable to afford legal defense from human rights violations, symbolic of struggles of musicians today 

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