Reduction of INTI tuition fees during MCO period

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The citizens and companies of Malaysia need to be nationalistic at a time like this. Companies, especially large ones, must do their part in contributing to our government and the people. Reducing prices and supporting the Malaysian citizens is crucial in seeing us through this challenging and uncertain period.

During this Movement Control Order, most, if not all of us have been affected by the restrictions that have been put in place. With the MCO extensions and the announcement that campus will remain closed even after the MCO is lifted, it is then highly likely that students will be spending even more time away from campus.

On behalf on all INTI students, it is our suggestion that a fair reduction in fees be offered to us. Face-to-face classes have been suspended and classes have been moved online in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students have cited their inability to access on-campus resources and facilities - such as libraries and laboratories, which they are afforded as part of the fees they pay - as a key reason. 

We believe that it is only fair that the utility bills of the students should be compensated with the reduction of the tuition fees as the prices of the bills are increasing due to the use of the students' own utilities such as electricity, WiFi to attend the online classes.

Other higher-education institutions have offered reductions on their tuition fees and we believe that the students of INTI International College Subang also have the rights to receive a reduction on their tuition fees. Many students who have paid thousands are now sitting in front of their screens to learn. This is not what students have signed up nor paid for.

In consideration of the present situation, expecting us to pay the full amount of the fees is unrealistic and unreasonable. A reduction of tuition fees is suggested here, in understanding that the institution needs to keep themselves afloat AND the need to keep their clients able and willing to stay with them till after the MCO.

As such, I, on behalf of all students of INTI International College Subang, would like to humbly request that INTI take this into consideration and that it is only fair that fee reduction or discounts to be implemented.

We sincerely hope that the institution will not continue with their selfish efforts to try and make a profit for a service they are not providing during these difficult times and we hope the Ministry of Education of Malaysia (MOE) will look into this matter and intervene on our behalf.

Stay home, stay safe and let’s beat this virus together!