Intersection Safety for Pedestrians and Drivers at Taylor Drive and McColl

Intersection Safety for Pedestrians and Drivers at Taylor Drive and McColl

October 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tori Mandal

The intersection of Taylor Drive and McColl is a dangerous intersection in need of serious changes. 

Danger Turning Left:  Making a left hand turn, in all seasons, is extremely dangerous. There is limited visibility of oncoming traffic, causing drivers excessive stress when making a left hand turn.  Recording and timing the intersection, it was found that a driver has less than 4 seconds until a car that comes into view is in the intersection.  In the winter, this issue is exacerbated by snow drifts and ice, compromising the ability to see and making the turn even more precarious.  Having less than four seconds, on icy roads, to successfully turn into your lane while a car is barreling towards you between 50-60mph leads to dangerous driving and undue stress - on a daily basis for many people in our neighborhood. 

Snowmobile Path:  Another issue that impacts our neighborhood, every winter, is that the sidewalk along McColl (and the only “major” walkway) becomes a “snowmobile path” and we’re NOT allowed to use it!!!  This exacerbates our problem and completely limits the options for many of us that walk our dogs year round. 

No Access to Park/Playground:  The neighborhood, cut off from the rest of the Savage community due to the dangerous intersection, has no easy access to a park/playground for our children or neighborhood bikers/walkers.  When the community was built this was supposedly “promised” by the developers, but never fulfilled.  Because of the horribly implemented intersection at Taylor and McColl, families have to drive to the park (ELC) for the nearest playground, and walking or bike riding is only possible if you’re willing to gamble your lives crossing that intersection or go incredibly out of your way to use a stoplight.   

Blind Intersection Ahead:  The “Blind Intersection Ahead” sign is barely visible to oncoming traffic.  Every year there are branches covering the sign, and it’s location does not provide ample warning of the upcoming danger - whether it be cars, kids on bikes, or walkers attempting to cross.

Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse as development in Savage continues and more people are traveling on McColl.  Below are some options we are willing to consider for resolution:

Short term:

  • Lights / care of the “Blind Intersection Ahead” sign - to provide more awareness. 

Long term options:

  • A roundabout in this intersection to manage traffic and pedestrian crossing.
  • A traffic light added at this intersection to manage traffic and pedestrians crossing. 
  • A designated crosswalk, with signs/lights to indicate someone waiting to cross (this does not resolve the issue for drivers).

Implementation of these options will allow drivers and pedestrians to have appropriate time to safely navigate through this busy intersection.

The City of Savage has been contacted about this issue before, but nothing has ever been  done.  We need your signature so we can show them how many people care about making our streets safe for everyone!

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Signatures: 159Next Goal: 200
Support now