Intersection of County Rd. E and Bellaire Ave. Objection to High Density Petition

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We the undersigned urge you to not allow the proposed housing development “4 Square Flats by Mr. Mathwig” or any other high (9-17 units per acre) density residential housing to be developed at the intersection of County Road E and Bellaire Avenue in White Bear Lake, MN. The Following are a few but not all of our concerns.

  • This project as proposed is over-high-density (~99 unit) market rate with 20% affordable rental apartments. This type of isolated spot development project does not fit the suburban homeowner occupied low-density fabric of our immediate area. This would fit well in a higher density urban setting such as 50th and France (Edina) or Hennepin and Lake (Uptown area of Minneapolis).
  • Numerous life-safety issues would have to be addressed for this sort of overly high-density development, such as congested traffic (200+ new cars traveling daily to this intersection) and poor visual sight lines at the intersection due to close proximity of buildings to the street. This may lead to auto accidents or possible injury or death to pedestrian/ school children.
  • The development would create parallel parking issues along County Road E, Bellaire Avenue, and close neighborhood streets. Mr. Mathwig stated himself that there would be parallel parking for cars along the streets. This would lead to congestion and backup, causing potential hazardous and life threatening conditions for bikers, city buses, motorized wheelchairs, and snow removal equipment. These roads are not wide enough to accommodate the function of mass parallel parking, with only one lane in each direction.

We agree whole-heartedly with the city that something needs to be done at the intersection. Reinforcing the low-density fabric, as it exists, is of utmost importance. It would be our pleasure to work with the city of White Bear Lake to closely monitor, participate, and strategize alternative community sensitive uses that will support and strengthen the community as a whole.


The undersigned (neighborhood surrounding the intersection of County Road E and Bellaire Ave)