Twitter suspension for @ExposingSMG hate and lies account

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The twitter account @ExposingSMG (meaning Exposing Selena Marie Gomez) has been spreading lies and false conspiracies on the singer, actress, model, dancer, executive producer, spokesperson and role model Selena Gomez for years. She targets Selena Gomez's health, life, and career. Her account has been reported several times throughout the years yet she the account is still allowed to exist on Twitter.

This is a BIG problem because 1) She spreads FAKE NEWS and stories on a celebrity she DOES NOT know, 2) She enhances the HATE the celebrity in question receives on her social media and 3) She is unhealthily obsessed to a point that it is hazardous both for the safety of the celebrity in question, and for others around her, and for the psychological state of the person running the account.

The account incites and motivates it's others 16 thousand followers to harm the celebrity in question making it a danger both to the career and life of Selena Gomez. This account also contributes to the growing TOXIC environment of "stan" Twitter, creating wars and disputes between different fandoms with lies and not facts.