please help get my children back from Bulgaria. There U.K. citizens.

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First of all, I want to say I do NOT need money, I just need my kids back.

So let me tell you a little about myself, my names laura I am 28 years old with three children girl aged 8, boy aged 7 & girl aged 2. I was brought up in care from age 8, ive moved around alot in my adult life. I have type one diabetes and have done for 7 years (7 years of a daily struggle) I am currently married but separated get more to that later. I am with a new person now and very happy.

So..... I met my husband in 2008 at age 19 I had no where to live so I ended up staying at his step dads with him and never left, we had our first child in 2009 & second child in 2010 our relationship was far from perfect but as I was brought up in care I wanted my kids to remain as one family unit no broken home so fast forward to june 2014 me my husband his step dad and the two children made the drastic decision to move to Bulgaria (more my husbands as I now know its because he was running away from the police in this country, UK) 

I loved the idea of a hot country, being able to grow our own foods with the kids it sounded perfect, until... my husband started becoming violent (threw me down concrete steps, threw my insulin in the fire, threw hot food at my face, kicked me out of the home, punched me in the face) I became scared of him but I was in a new place I didnt speak the language well enough to even go to the police anyway in December that year we found out I was pregnant again, he made the decision for me to.come back to the UK until the baby was born September 2015 she was due so it was like music to my ears and I was hoping that by the time I had gone back he would have changed. The decision was to leave the two kids with him and to be honest it did seem a good idea as I new I would end up in hospital and didn't want the kids palmed off on anyone else. The nightmare started when I was 20 weeks I had been staying at his mums for four months by this time, he came back to the UK but with a Bulgarian friend he stayed all of five minutes and didnt want to hug or kiss me which seemed really really odd. He didnt even so much as look at my belly his Bulgarian friend was more interested then he was. These four months he sent me little to no money (he controlled the finances) so with that I got in touch with my mum who I hadnt spoke to for a couple years and asked her if I could stay at hers until the babys born and then we would be out your hair and gone back to Bulgaria, well I ended up seriously poorly I died twice, had to have a pick line in as all my vains had collapsed, ended up in icu for 2 days, in the end I was on the high dependency unit in a maternity ward for nearly 12 weeks when the decision was to have a c section I told my husband over facebook that I was due to have this on the monday and was he going to be here he said yes, I thought brilliant! I could wait no longer I eventually stopped eating and only drank milk with ice in, tuesday 14th july 32 weeks into my pregnancy at 13.00 our daughter was born 5lbs 9oz a big baby at short gestation she ended up on a cpap machine she was so tiny to me I was scard to hold her I watched her breath I missed meals to be with her I got to choose her tiny clothes from a large store room for the day it hurt like hell but I hand expressed milk for her I learnt how to tube feed her wash her tiny body she was a mirical to me but where was her dad in all this?! Turns out eight weeks after he had shipped me off he moved a Bulgarian lady in who he had been seeing behind my back he told me August 7th a day before our 3rd wedding anniversary his birthday and I am such a nice person I still wished him happy birthday. 

To this day april 14th 2018 hes never seen her he wants nothing to do with her she is nearly 3 and asking questions about her daddy which is heartbreaking, I wanted my family to stay together. He is wanted by the police in the UK for... kidnap, abh, gbh, fraud, modern slavery among other things. 

No one seems interested in what I have to say about my kids welfare. He starves them (because I have stopped him claiming money) he beats our son up he is 7 years old what chance does a 7 year old have. He never washes there clothes, our son has been dressed in female clothes (a sparkling dress) he tells the kids to go out and play at all hours, hes threatened to throw our son out on the streets, they are stick thin, dirty and look like orphaned children. His new partner takes priority, they have a son together and she has a daughter as long as they are ok he doesnt care about our two. They dont deserve to be treated like this no child should. He has stopped me seeing or speaking to them for 32 months. 

Please help me get my kids to safety. 

I understand people might think im the bitter ex ect but honestly hand on heart if hes happy then good for him, I want my kids safe and with me. 

I would do anything and im begging anyone for help. 


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