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Remove the confederate monument in downtown Winston Salem, NC

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This confederate monument is located at the corner of Liberty and Fourth in downtown Winston Salem. This petition is intended to demonstrate public support for its removal. The reasons for this include:

- It was unveiled in 1905: 40 years after the end of the Civil War and firmly in the era of Jim Crow, suggesting it is more a response to the contemporary social anxiety of the time than an earnest memorialization.

- The confederacy fought to defend the forced bondage of an entire race of human beings. Regardless of whether individual soldiers were fully aware of what they were fighting for, ignorance is no excuse. They should not be idolized in this public format, no matter the geographic relevance. 

- Monuments are not how we record history; they are how we memorialize accomplishments. Failing to reinforce a morally bankrupt system of rule was not an accomplishment. While the Civil War is "part of our history", as many are quick to point out, it remains so with or without monuments.

- As reminders of historical events go globally, it is not typical to memorialize events with monuments to either the losing side or the perpetrators of horrible acts. The confederacy was both of these things.

- As with all symbols, monuments of this kind are viewed differently by different groups of people. But, as a prominent structure in a diverse city, the negative connotations to a large portion of our citizenry simply outweigh the positive view of some others. It makes no sense to constantly remind a significant part of the population about systemic oppression of their ancestors just to boost the ego of another. It needlessly pits the interests of some against those of others.

- Our city has a forward-looking, innovative reputation that we should foster. This monument is not in keeping with this drive. 

From my understanding, the decision to remove this monument has to come from the NC legislature. This petition is addressed to our local representatives and will also be sent to the legislature at large as well as the governor's office.

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