Let's say "no scam on the Internet"! Or how to win an iPhone X safely.

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iPhone X has been launched on November 3 2017 and quickly became a dream device for many people. And it definitely has some edges: OLED Super Retina display, advanced Face ID technology, fastest on the market Apple A11 Bionic processor, Impressive camera functions like double optical stabilization, Animoji etc., AirPower wireless charging and so on. In this article we’ll show you the easiest way to get the iPhone X. The device is quite pricey ($ 1000 for 64 gb version), but we’ll teach you how to win it for only a couple of dollars.

The simplest way is, of course, to receive this phone as a gift from your boyfriend, but since not everyone has a boyfriend and not every boyfriend is willing to spend so much money on a gift, people have to find another option. Specifically targeted at these people, someone created a website called Drakemall.com. Basically, this is a case (or loot box) opening website, similar to what we have at various videogames. In other words, it allows you to get expensive items such as MacBooks, iPhones, Gaming consoles and so on for small participation fee. When you open a case, you are guaranteed to get one of the presented items. Chances to get something particular are unknown, but anyway there’s a great variety of good stuff to pick.

As you probably figured out, you have to deposit some funds before you start to play. To win an iPhone X, you should deposit at least USD 10 to open the cheapest case with iPhone X inside. There’s a nice feature at no scam Drakemall that allows you to quicksell the items you get and even increase your funds to open more cases. They will also deliver the item you want to any place where postal services are available after you fill the delivery information page. The package will arrive in a month or faster depending on your location. If you’re too afraid to play for real money, you can try some freespins to figure out your chances.

So, yeah, for $ 9.99 you can pretty much win an iPhone X and get this thing delivered right to your front door if you’re lucky enough. But first you have to make a few simple steps: first is to register using your Facebook account or e-mail, second is to deposited required amount of green papers and third is to click “Open case” button. Anyone has a chance to get an iPhone X. But even if you don’t, there’re lots of other trendy and expensive items might be interesting to purchase.

As you can see, Drakemall (link to the official page on YouTube) is the best place to get an iPhone X, because it allows you to get it for only $ 9.99, and this is real! You can find videos on YouTube where people open cases and receive their iPhones. Check them out to reassure. Either way, we hope this article was useful for you and thanks for reading!