Internet Governance

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The internet has been an incredible drive for good but undeniably it has caused suffering to the vulnerable. Actively interaction by all stakeholders whether they represent Governments, private sector and civil society, including the technical and academic community, is key on how best to address and mitigate the negative effects of the internet.

In the fight for global flow of information, the internet could be regulated, social media could as well voluntarily commit to a code of conduct. There should be an approach that protects everyone without restricting growth and innovation to the digital economy. Problems brought by the internet have silently existed in our society but recently they seem quite overwhelming. Some of the key issues to be addressed include management of internet resources, cyber-crime, to fake news, hacking and radicalization. Such extremism should not be allowed.

We must all save ourselves and build a better society for our generation. Aral Balka, an online rights activist says: “If this is the fourth industrial revolution, as some call it, what are the raw materials if not us – people? What people don’t understand is that we are talking about something way more fundamental being at stake here: our personhood in the digital age.

“If you see technology as an extension of the self, then what is at stake is the integrity of our selves. Without that – without individual sovereignty – we’re looking at a new slavery. A slavery by proxy of digital copies of our selves, if you will.”

“The internet should be policed in the same way all public spaces are, with the rule of law ensuring criminals are prosecuted.” Says Martha Spurrier “Clearly, there are challenges of resources – but we have no shortfall in law”

In short,its a social form of "climate change" and we want to see more being done, more dialogue and more regulations being put in place. Lets all be the change for today and tomorrow by signing this petition for a better society.