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Prohibit skinning live animals

China is the number one export for fur in the world today, but China has harvested fur in a cruel way by skinning animals alive. Poor animals suffer at the hands of these fur harvesters as shown in this video:

This is where your fur comes from, the same fur that has once been on a helpless and defenceless animal, beaten down and skinned alive now. This is a cruel way to treat animals, it is offensive to many religions and cultures, to animal rights groups, and to many other people in the world.

I'm only one person, one person who has seen the cruelty to these animals, but with these signatures, it can be stopped and can make a difference. You can help save these poor animals, sign this petition and become their voice. Tell these harvesters that what they are doing is wrong, and must be stopped.

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  • International Trade & Affairs: China, Canada, United States

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