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Resign ITW Board!

Thank you so much on behalf of Laurie, Penni and everyone concerned about the safety of members of ITW (or any event / organization) as well as the diversity needed to lead this organization forward. 

After much input, we've posted an additional petition that we're asking only active ITW members to sign here calling for the full ITW Board to resign and elections be held for every Board position.

If you are an active ITW member, we appreciate your consideration to sign this petition and share with other members of ITW. 

If you are not an ITW member, but would like to support this effort, any sharing on social media is greatly appreciated! 

If you have questions, please feel to email me directly



Vanessa Lillie (and so many others who helped put this together) 

P.S. We are also asking in this new petition for those members who have recently resigned because of the Board's failures be allowed an opportunity to rejoin (and vote! or run for a Board seat!). 


Vanessa Lillie
1 year ago