Petition Update

Optimum Solution: "Negotiate with Russia"

Jessica L
Vancouver, Canada

May 6, 2014 — Park Sang Gi (BNE Consulting. Co. CEO)
"Would Russia accept and take Sotnikova's gold to give to Yuna Kim? Impossible. Then, awarding a joint-gold medal to put Yuna Kim while keeping their first womens single figure skating medal may be advantageous even to Russia, here KOC/KSU's job is to negotiate and make Putin agree"

"With the complaint, IOC and ISU must face the scandal officially but here, they will never accept biased judgment (it's just the reality) so, the global media must help to push the matter further. The problem is, with the media it will cause criticisms towards Putin but look at Putin, he has conquered Crimean Peninsula - he already has not a positive image in the international relations - and half if Western Europe depends on gas from Russia and this will have impact on ISU. SO making that negotiation will make Putin, IOC,ISU look good"