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International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame - Revoke Guy Harvey's Induction

Guy Harvey claims to be a “scientist” and “marine conservationist” yet he donated $10K to Marineland, a captive dolphin facility in October of 2013; and premiered his most recent whale shark exhibition at Georgia Aquarium, a captive marine attraction in August of 2013.  Additionally, Guy Harvey is an avid catch and kill fisherman who organizes and sponsors fishing charters. 

Guy Harvey’s interests are entirely self-serving and diametrically opposed by almost 100% of the scuba diving community.

Guy Harvey the Scientist
Guy Harvey’s educational background is Marine Zoology with a Ph.D in Fisheries Science. While Marine Zoology obviously involves the kidnapping and slavery of cetaceans, Fisheries Science is much broader and we submit his only interest in the sustainability of fisheries is to serve his own ends as a promoter of catch and kill fishing charters.

Guy Harvey Inc.
Guy Harvey is actually Guy Harvey Inc., a corporation who uses the guise of marine conservationism to dupe consumers into purchasing its merchandise. This represents the worst form of hypocrisy and outright consumer fraud, as unwitting consumers are not made aware of the fact that their purchase sponsors the captivity of cetaceans -the very thing that marine conservationists adamantly oppose.

Contributions to Scuba Diving
Guy Harvey had made no meaningful contribution to the dive industry whatsoever, much less the ocean environment he claims to conserve. Worse, his actions in supporting captivity and sport fishing have cost the marine environment and consequently divers everywhere as dearly as the millions of consumers he has deceived.

Almost 100% of recreational divers, instructors and dive operators oppose captive marine attractions.
Guy Harvey is a disgrace to the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and everything it represents.  We ask that you revoke Guy Harvey’s induction on the grounds of fraud, as Guy Harvey’s only contribution to diving has been defrauding consumers while directly contributing to the wholesale Slaughter, Kidnapping, Murder, Torture, Humiliation, Inbreeding and Slavery of the most self-aware species in the ocean.

If Guy Harvey were simply a painter he could say he didn’t know any better. What elevates this well beyond mere ignorance to outright consumer fraud is that as a ‘scientist’ and ‘marine conservationist’ Guy Harvey does know - or has an obligation to know - about the extremely detrimental effects that the captive marine park industry has caused the ocean and everything in it through their exploitation of self-aware cetaceans.


 Breeding of Dolphin
Genetic Effects of Captive Breeding Cause a Rapid, Cumulative Fitness Decline in the Wild Hitoshi Araki, et al.Science 318, 100 (2007);DOI: 0.1126/science.1145621

Using Dolphin for ‘Therapy’

Captive Dolphin Commit Suicide

Dolphin in Captivity

Cetacean Captivity

Captive and Wild Dolphin

 Ethics of Dolphin in Captivity

Captive Dolphin Educational Value

Captive Dolphinaria is Slavery

Dolphin Captivity

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