Allow Mathias (Hemann) Weis To Attend the Class Of 2018 Prom

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After Days of consideration and contemplation the verdict has been finalized that mathias will not be allowd entry to this prom. For a student who only left the "ISH" recently, he has not been able to connect with his new educational institute in the same manor, and it would seem very fair to allow him to attend his former schools prom.


It is important to note this petition is solely to allow the entry of mathias weis to prom, and has no effects whatsoever on the school institute itself. it should also be noted this petition is not directed in any negative light to the school institution and although I am personally disappointed on their decision here, the overall nature of the facility is not being brought in to question here.

The main case against our Favelian friend would be fear of his "disruptive behaviour", which is completely understandable. The International School Hilversum has a strict POOS policy. Potentially Offensive Out of Sight. Although a broad rule, how this would apply to Mr. Weis is unclear, as his bad behaviour consists of slightly crude jokes and possibly smelling of cigarettes, and if that is what is barring him from entering, half of the attendees should get the boot!

We want equality of the less priveleged, A boy who Had to both learn english and then integrate with a school being shunned away because he is "different". 

This is a digital space aimed at gathering like minded students to express their frustration and will for change on this specific issue, ultimately in order to show the institutions involved our perspective. 

The goal of this petition is to try and help the International School Hilversum return to their IB values and value Mr. Weis as the equal human he is, by allowing him to also experience a prom with his friends. (And Family)

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