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think ewaste

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E-Waste includes almost any household or business item containing circuitry or electrical components with either power or battery supply."E-Waste is a term used to cover items of all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and its parts that have been discarded by the owner as waste without the intention of re-use."

The e-waste problem is of global concern because of the nature of production and disposal of waste in a globalized world.

 It is difficult to quantify global e-waste amounts, but we do know that large volumes end up in places where processing occurs at a very rudimentary level 
This raises concerns about resource efficiency and also the immediate concerns of the dangers to humans and the environment

Ways to minimize E Waste

  1. Re-evaluate. Do you really need that extra gadget? Try finding one device with multiple functions.
  2. Extend the life of your electronics. Buy a case, keep your device clean, and avoid overcharging the battery. 
  3. Buy environmentally friendly electronics. Look for products labeled Energy Star or certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).
  4. Donate used electronics to social programs—and help victims of domestic violence, children safety initiatives, environmental causes, and more. Ask your student REP for a postage paid mailer for your cell phone or ink cartridge. For each item received, the World Wildlife Fund will receive one dollar.
  5. Reuse large electronics. Post to Harvard’s Reuse List
  6. Recycle electronics and batteries in e-waste recycling bins located around campus. Large electronics can go in the larger bins found in your building.

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