To Include New Women’s Snowboard Class in the 2022 Paralympic Games!

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Adaptive Snowboarding made its debut at the Paralympic games in Sochi Russia with much anticipation. Since then, the sport has grown to include more countries and a larger field of women living with upper limb difference or loss. This women’s upper limb division, or class, is currently included in the World Cup circuit and has representatives from most participating countries. 
Recently a decision was made to exclude this class from the upcoming games in Beijing. Because of the lack of competitions in the 2020-2021 season, due to COVID-19, the powers were forced to take a vote to include or not. Leaning on points, which were diminished due to the pandemic, to justify their ‘nay’ decision, they chose to push it to the 2026 Paralympic Games in Italy. The Upper Limb female category has yet to make an appearance in the Games.

My name is Kiana Clay, and I am an Upper Limb female competitor training full time with Adaptive Action Sports out of Copper Mountain. I know I am one of many women in this category that have sacrificed so much for the dream to represent my country proudly at the Paralympic Games. I believe we can get enough attention to revert the decision that was made, and help push for women of all disabilities to compete. The more diversity we have, the more the next generation of girls out there will want to be a part of it.

This petition has been created in an effort to show that the Upper Limb Women’s Class is ready to compete. Please sign below to show your support for Paralympic hopefuls and a deserving community of women.