To allow the Russian Paralympic Team to participate in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

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To allow the Russian Paralympic Team to participate in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

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"No, you can't"

To: Mr. President of the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro

In August 8, 2016 the Board of the International Paralympic Committee suspended the Russian Paralympic Committee with immediate effect due to its inability to fulfill its IPC responsibilities and obligations. The decision has resulted in that 270 Russian Para athletes are unable to participate in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.  However, the Russian Para athletes have not violated the anti-doling rules. 

Representatives of public organizations defending the rights of people within Russia, charity organizations, athletes and citizens of Russia and the CIS countries are turning to the IPC members and personally to the President of the Committee Mr. Philip Craven.

Dear members of the International Paralympic Committee, and Mr. Craven!

We believe that the decision to exclude Russian Para athletes in order for our country to bear  collective responsibility for unproven crimes is contrary to the basic principles of European international law.   It is inhumane and inhuman against almost three hundred Paralympic athletes, who are absolutely transparent and clean, and up till now they have not been involved in a suspected cover-up of any doping cases.

Paralympics has no geographic, economic, or political boundaries. All of the participants are the champions, Humans with the capital letter H. We consider it absolutely unthinkable to deprive them of meaning of their life with the stroke of a pen.

Sir Philip Craven!

We believe that being a champion of wheelchair basketball and swimming, you know better than anyone else what it means for athletes to fulfill their Olympic dream. We fear that your decision may shatter their hopes and expectations and ruin their lives, and that is despite all the difficulties they have to face. Every single day, thanks to their faith and inner strength, they triumph over adversity and show extreme courage in the face of nearly insurmountable odds.

We believe that it is not too late to reach your hearts, because these Paralympics is a small, though well-deserved, victory for each athlete over the circumstances and a remarkable victory for the mankind over indifference and stereotypes.

The Paralympics motto is "Spirit in Motion" succinctly and vividly conveys the vision of the Paralympic Movement.  It is of vital importance  to provide  Paralympic athletes of all levels and backgrounds with opportunities to inspire the world through sports achievements.

Dear Members of the International Paralympic games and Mr. Craven!

We kindly ask you to allow the Russian Paralympic Team to participate in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, regardless of the actual membership of the Russian Paralympic Committee International Paralympic Committee.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best regards, 

Founders of the Charity Fund ‘Ya est’ (I am)

Egor Beroev and Kseniya Alferova

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