International Paralympic Committee: Stop excluding thousands of disabled athletes

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The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) code for classification is split into 10 categories for an athlete to be classified to play their sport at the Paralympics. Because there are only 10 categories, there are many disabilities that slip through these gaps. 

Although they are acknowledged to have a disability and be disabled, these athletes are deemed ineligible to play their chosen sport in accordance with these restricted parameters. 

I for example have complex regional pain syndrome, and I am unable to walk unaided, after being injured playing football when I was 11. I have won European and World Championships with the GB team - but I may not be able to compete in the Paralympics because my disability doesn’t fit into the IPC’s rigid categories.

Amputation was an option for me when I was younger and I chose against it. But I am now having to consider this heartbreaking option if I want to carry on competing.

How can athletes be excluded from the only sports that they are physically able to play? This petition is to urge the IPC to review and amend the classification system. Please help me by signing!