The couples ice skating competition during the Olympics discriminates against fat women.

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Larger women are continually being marginalized in our society. We cannot accept a society that constantly pats itself on the back for being more progressive, yet when we watch the world Olympics do not allow larger women to perform on the ice. We should be encouraging women of all sizes to embrace their femininity, intelligence and empower themselves to roll onto the ice to perform. 

We have #metoo for those who have been hurt over the years by sexual harassment and scandal, and congratulate the victims who are brave enough to voice their stories. 

I think it is time for a new hashtag. Introducing #biggertoo . 

#biggertoo propogates the idea that women who are larger have a place at the olympics and should be allowed to skate on the ice alongside their skinnier peers. This is discriminatory, no worse than Hitler gassing 6 million jews. 

Sign my petition today, and spread #biggertoo around the world. Let's make a change today.