Suspend the International Olympic Committee's transgender policy.

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Male-born athletes who identify as women are taking women's places on sports teams, breaking women's sporting records and insisting they must share changing and showering facilities with women. This is unfair to women due to the incontrovertible physical advantage that transwomen have. It will also prevent some women from taking part in organised sport at all due to religious and cultural reasons.

The IOC require only that a transwoman has maintained a particular level of testosterone for 12 months in order to compete as a 'self-identifying' woman. This completely ignores the physical advantages in speed, height, stamina and strength that a male-born athlete will have. 

Sports organisations around the world cite the IOC policy as 'international best practice' and as a result women's sport is in danger of being effectively erased. This policy should be suspended immediately. Women and girls are being sacrificed by the IOC as an easy fix for transgender demands for inclusion. Women were not consulted and did not consent to this policy which will make a complete mockery of their sport.

Some transwomen have already qualified to represent their country at the Tokyo Olympics. This is indefensible. 

Suspend the transgender policy now!