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Send Brian McGrattan to the 2018 Winter Olympics

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With the recent news from the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to not allow NHL players to enter the 2018 Winter Olympics. This, for all participating nations, leaves a large hole within our roster. With speculation on who can and can't go, its time we send a player who not only will add to our lineup, but will also represent the hockey community and nature of the game as a whole: Brian McGrattan.

This is a very controversial Olympic games coming up, and so the roster picks that will be made for Team Canada are more than just filling our line-up, it will be us deciding how we want to represent our nation and how we believe hockey should be. Each choice for this roster is receiving the greatest honour any Canadian can achieve, and will show on a global stage that hockey is not about the market and business Bettman is trying to build it towards, but rather the sport and the culture around it.

With that in mind, our first roster pick should be without a doubt a player who represents the Canadian spirit and the sport of hockey, and a player who represents this and is outside of the NHL is none other than Brian McGrattan. 

Brian McGrattan plays good old school hard hitting hockey. He stands up for teammates, rally's the troops when morale is down, and will fight when the other team needs to boost morale. He has a positive can-do attitude and will always give his all to get his team efforts going.

Off the ice he is a loving father, and great teammate to his players. Either its helping Michael Ferland with personal issues, or caring for his family, McGrattan does it all. 

When he was playing for the Calgary Flames, I lived in Calgary to see the impact he had on the city. He was not just another part of the team, he was a living integral part to this city. Not just boosting morale of the team in games, but the city in everyday life. Even after traded he still comes back to support the city, a truly great player.

This is not the first something of this nature has happened, With the Jon Scott incident, the fans rallied to show the NHL who we support and what we want in our hockey It is time to do that again, but this time we need to show the NHL on the highest stage of all. It is time we rally not as different nations or different club fans, but as the greatest fan base on the planet, hockey fans, and Send Brian McGrattan to the Winter Olympics!


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