Rejudgement of Olympic short track 500ms final& Choi Min Jung's penalty, judges punishment

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   February 13, (Korean time) woman speed skater Choi Min Jung got a penalty after finishing the women short track 500m in 2nd place. Funny, that NO one knows where EXACTLY  she got a penalty, except for the judges, that is. If there is a clear moment that can be called penalty, I wouldn't be writing this. It is really obscure. Even the expert commentators of short track in Korea's top 3 broadcasts , one who is a current speed skater, are not sure. 

   While I acknowledge that since this is the finals so the judges have to be severe, this is outrageous; the other players did actions that should have recieved penalty, that could be seen in plain sight. When normal people who are watching the games on television can see the actions, how can the professionals not? The people-who-claim-to-be professionals, who look in to the video so thoroughly that they find the moment that they do not tell us that gave Choi a penalty. 

   Boutin and Fontana both blocked and pushed Choi very clearly. If it was other players and not Choi in that place, most would've fallen down.  Fontana pushing Choi      Boutin pushing Choi If you look at these pictures, you'll see it is evident that Choi is the one being pushed and blocked, not the one pushing.

Hence, I believe that we should rejudge the women short track 500m finals, and punish the judges. Everyone who agrees with me, please sign this petition



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