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Reclaim Lacrosse as an Olympic Sport

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Lacrosse is played all over the world and many people love to play and watch the sport. I believe that lacrosse should have a chance at being played at the international scale and competing with other popular sports.


Just some quick facts for you,

- There are 59 countries that members of the FIL (Federation of International Lacrosse) including Iroquois Confederacy.

But there are only 34 full members but keep in mind there are still more countries that are trying to become a member.

-Lacrosse is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world and becoming more and more popular with today's youth.

-Lacrosse has been an Olympic sport before.

Overall to sum this up everyone that has a passion for the game would love too see countries compete in the Olympics and for other people to take up the game of lacrosse.

If the IOC sees this and all the people that are supporting it then maybe lacrosse will one day become an Olympic sport.

So I just want to ask you to take a few seconds of your day and sign this petition.

Thank you!

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