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Make Slamball an Olympic sport

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Today you added 3-on-3 basketball as an Olympic sport.

I can never support such lunacy. Today, NBA Jam officially became an Olympic sport. If NBA Jam can be an Olympic sport, why not Slamball?

You already have Olympic Trampoline. You already have Olympic Basketball. Why not combine them into one sport?

You already have the Olympic Triathlon. You found a way to combine swimming, running, and cycling; three sports nobody cares about, and threw them all into one ball of hot unwatchable garbage. Yawn!

You have Cross Country Skiing. For those unfamiliar, it involves skiing and shooting, two sports pulled out of a hat in the 18th century in Norway to make an extra Olympic sport that only Europeans are good at. DOUBLE YAWN! 

I want to see my Olympic sports in a format that can be shown in 10 second clips on Twitter with thousands of Retweets, just like every other American!  

Let me see Team USA pull some Dude Perfect dunks on those 7 foot 12 Argentina centers in Slamball.

Nobody wants to see the three Ball brothers get yelled at by their weirdly overprotective dad who's trying to sell his shoes to the Chinese in the middle of a basketball game. Give the people what they want, MORE SLAMBALL!

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