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Make Fidget Spinning an Olympic Sport

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With the rise of spinning becoming so popular and with many people being keen to show off their skills, I do believe that fidget spinning could potentially become a real sport. With the amount of training required and how the competition would be judged, I do believe it could become a rather successful sport. I know you're thinking, how on Earth could fidget spinning become an Olympic sport? How could you even judge such an event? Well, I have an idea. It would be a trick competition basically, judged by a panel of judges with scorecards. Five judges would be sufficient to judge a competitor based on the impressiveness of the tricks. The medal would obviously go to the competitor of the highest score. As for the spinners, I believe it would be required to have standard issue Olympic spinners. The spinners would be the standard three limb with bearings on the ends, and a single main bearing in the middle. The bearings would be a set of ceramic bearings for maximum spin duration. As with any competition there needs to be a set of rules, so here are a few to start out.

1. If the spinner stops spinning, that trick line is done and the competitor is then scored.

2. The competitor would be judged based off the entirety of the trick line, and not just on a single trick. The competitor is encouraged to do as many daring tricks as possible to achieve maximum possible score.

3. The competitors would go through rounds of elimination through 4 groups. The five people that are at the top of each group then will advance to the semi-finals. Then, there will be 5 groups of 4, and the top person of each group will then advance to the finals. At that point, the the rest of the four competitors will go against each other one on one. The first two losers of these two trials will then compete to determine the bronze medalist, and the two winners will go against each other to determine the gold and silver medalists. 

This is just a stepping stone in the start of something that could turn into a very successful sport. There will of course be additional rules, which I will discuss with the National Olympic Committee after this petition raises awareness. Thank you for your support, and if you love spinning as much as I do, I know you would appreciate my drive and sign this petition to see this become an Olympic Sport!

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