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International Olympic Committee: Keep wrestling on the 2020 Olympic roster.

Wrestling is an important sport that has been part of the Olympics since time immemorial. Wresting was introduced in the Ancient Greek Olympics in 708 B.C. and was one of the original sports included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.  We believe that wrestling is an intergal part of the Olympics and should not be removed from the roster of core sports.

Letter to
International Olympic Committee Executive Board
Wrestling has always been one of the key sports associated with the Olympics and is one of the sports that defines the nature of the Games. In its long Olympic Games history, wrestling has produced many Olympic heroes who in their bid for Olympic glory have been shining examples of true determination and grit that define true Olympians and have gone on to inspire millions of sports people and fans all around the world.
Removing wrestling from the roster would deny many talented wrestlers all around the world, the opportunity to perform at the highest platform in the sports arena. Many of these sports people have overcome huge hardships from very early ages to reach a stage where they can qualify for the Olympics. To deny them the opportunity would be to deny them the one goal that they have been striving for all their lives. This decision has come as a shock to the athletes as well as to their legions of fans all around the world. We would request you to kindly reconsider the decision and get this immensely popular sport back on to the roster of core games for 2020.

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