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Keep broadcasting rights away from NBC so Americans can see the Games Live

Rather than airing the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony live and uninturrupted (like every other network in the world) NBC (the only network with the IOC's broadcasting rights for the Olympics in the United States) decided to keep Americans from seeing the Ceremony until 7:30PM EST, 3.5 hours after the Ceremony began, so that they could make more money from the commercials by airing it at primetime hours.

NBC decided to air the Ceremony with a 3.5 hour delay and slather it in commercials, while most other networks around the world showed the Ceremony completely live and with little or no advertising. NBC ran commercials (many of which were political) over parts of the Parade of Nations and skipped many small countries, instead of showing each country march in the Parade the way each country deserves. Micronesia, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Columbia and many other country's athletes appeared on screen for less than five seconds. NBC also used commentators who were criticized on Twitter and Facebook for speaking too often and saying things that were rude or unnecessary, like "I think that baby is creepy". There was even a 30-minute break from the Ceremony in which commentator Ryan Seacrest talked to the athletes about pop-star Justin Bieber, rather than discussing the Games or the athletes themselves. Commentator Matt Lauer even made a joke about the name "Djibouti".

NBC has failed Americans by not letting us join the world in such an important event, and has failed to do its duty to bring the Olympic Games to the United States. While it is too late for the IOC to take away NBC's broadcasting rights for London 2012, it is not too late to prevent them from covering (and delaying) future Olympic Opening Ceremonies. The IOC should not grant NBC broadcasting rights for Sochi's 2014 Rio 2016's Opening Ceremonies in the United States. There are many other networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, PBS or BBC America, which would all do a better job of presenting the most important sports events in history than NBC did this year.

The Olympic Games are a way for the world to come together as one, and it must not be fragmented into separate times for each country. It should be an event to celebrate peace and unity and athleticism, and should definitely not be inturrputed with commercials as often as NBC's coverage was.

Please sign and share this to help ensure that in the future Americans will be able to join the rest of the world in the Olympic Games by watching them the way they should be watched: live, with the rest of the world, without constant advertising and without such incredibly rude commentary.

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