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Japan Calls for Resuming Olympic Truce

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In the period leading up to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in February 2018, North Korea has conducted repeated missile launch tests and nuclear weapon development, leading to escalated international political tensions. In addition, the provocative statements of President Trump of the United States and Kim Jong-un of North Korea have further heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, raising concerns about whether the Olympic and Paralympic Games, a festival of peace, can be held without incident. In response to these circumstances, the French Minister of Sports stated to the effect that French athletes cannot be exposed to danger, implying that France may withdraw from the PyeongChang Games.

The IOC took action for the Olympic Truce at the 1992 Barcelona Games for the first time in the history of the modern Olympic Games. Starting in the following year, the United Nations General Assembly, in collaboration with the IOC, adopted an Olympic Truce Resolution in the year prior to the Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to temporarily suspend all disputes and hostilities during the Games so that this Festival of Peace could be celebrated and held in security. This was accomplished in the fashion of the Ekecheiria (sacred Olympic truce), which was announced during the Olympic Festival held in Olympia in ancient Greece in order to avoid war during the event and ensure safe travel for athletes, officials and spectators. At the time of the 1998 Nagano Winter Games, Mikako Kotani also appealed in the United Nations General Assembly held the year before for an Olympic Truce.

In light of current international conditions in the Korean Peninsula, Europe, the Middle East and other regions, the greatest concern of athletes, officials and people around the world is if the Olympic and Paralympic Games can be held peacefully. A tragedy resulting in the loss of 11 athletes and officials occurred at the 1972 Munich Games, and both the 1980 Moscow Games and 1984 Los Angeles Games were boycotted by the Western and Eastern blocks, respectively. We pray that such tragic incidents will not be repeated and that the Olympic Games will not be boycotted due to international political maneuvers. And above all, we want to emphasize that without peace, there can be no sports.

At the time of the 2004 Athens Games when the global situation was unstable, we presented an appeal entitled “Japan Calls for Resumption of the Olympic Truce” so that the Games could be held in peace. In September of 2016, Japan, China and South Korea convened a summit of sports ministers with IOC President Thomas Bach in attendance in PyeongChang. At the summit, the PyeongChang Declaration was adopted, calling for “reinforced mutual understanding and trust among Japan, China and South Korea through sports, using this as a foundation for peaceful coexistence in East Asia.” To make the PyeongChang Declaration effective and to successfully stage the 2020 Tokyo Games as a festival of peace, the Japanese sporting world must start taking action for the 2018 PyeongChang Games to be held in peace.

In accordance with past practice, the IOC and United Nations plan to adopt an Olympic Truce resolution in November 2017 in preparation for the PyeongChang Games. In concert with this movement and in light of current international circumstances, we hereby renew our call for an Olympic Truce.


Renewed Call for Resumption of Olympic Truce

We would like to sincerely propose, as stated below, to convey the Olympic Truce resolution to sports fans and sports organizations around the world in the hope of successfully staging the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Games under the Olympic ideal of promoting world peace through sports.


1.We ask that all people who aspire for sports and peace further reinforce the ultimate objective of the Olympic Movement, which is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world through sport as provided in the Olympic Charter, and work to achieve and practice this objective of the Olympic Charter with one another.

2.Let us take measures to eliminate war, conflicts and inhumane conduct from the world under the slogan, “Without peace, there can be no sports.”

3.Let us extend our full support and cooperation so that the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held with success as a festival of peace.

We ask that everyone who agrees with the appeal sign it.

The Japan Society of Sports will take responsibility for submitting the collected signatures to the United Nations Secretariat, IOC Secretariat, and PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games as the combined calls for international peace made by each individual.

Japan Society of Sport
Olympic Paralympic Truce Association

Sponsors (candidate draft; in Japanese syllabic order)

Yasushi AKASHI, Former United Nations Under-Secretary-General

Chiharu IGAYA, Honorary Member of the International Olympic Committee,

Kyoko IWASAKI, Swimming Advisor

Masanori OKADA, Professor Emeritus, Shukutoku University

Takehiro OKUMURA, Representative Director of Athlete Dual Carrier Promotion Agency

Kazuo OGURA, President of The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center

Kuniko OBINATA, Vice president of the Paralympians Association of Japan

Nagisa OSADA, Non-fiction writer, Director of the Japan Sports

Kazuya KASAHARA, President of the Japan Olympic Academy

Junichi KAWAI, President of the Paralympians Association of Japan

Koichi KIKU, Professor, Tsukuba University

Yukihiko KIMURA, Journalist

Koji GUSHIKEN, President of the Nippon Sport Science University

Mikako KOTANI, Director of the Olympians Association of Japan

Yayoi SASADA, Japan women’s national gymnastics team of the 1980 Moscow Olympic games member

Kazuo TAKAHASHI, Representative secretary of the Liberal Arts 21

Tsunekazu TAKEDA, President of the Japanese Olympic Committee

Yuta TABUSE, Professional Basketball Player (Tochigi Brex)

Masayuki TAMAKI, Commentator of Sports and Music

Sae TSUJI, Rio de Janeiro Paralympic games athletics women’s 400m Bronze medalist

Katsura TSUDA, Japan women’s national gymnastics team of the 1980 Moscow Olympic games member

Senshi FUKASHIRO, President of the Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences

Kenichiro Fumita, 2017 World Wrestling championships Greco-Roman Seniors 59.0kg Gold medalist

Miwako HOSODA, Vice president of the Seisa University

Soichi HORI, Managing Director and Executive Director of the Japan Sportsman Club Foundation

Kenshiro MATSUNAMI, President of the Educational Foundation of Nippon Sport Science University Group

Sadao MORIKAWA, President of the Institute for Sport, Culture and Civil society

Fumio MOROOKA, Professor, Sophia University

Kaori YAMAGUCHI, Associate professor, Tsukuba University

Yasuhiro YAMASHITA, Vice president of the Tokai University

Naoshi YAMAWAKI, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University

Kazutoshi WATANABE, President of The Nippon Foundation Volunteer Support Center

Contact information:
Japan Society of Sport
Olympic Paralympic Truce Association
In charge:Masayuki Tanaka

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